Yosh-trained Stylists

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Sept 2005

I am wondering if anyone knows of any former Yosh/Gina Khan salon hairstylists working in the East Bay. I love their haircuts, but the trek to SF is a bit much for me these days. I need someone who can do cut and highlights. I have thick, blond hair that is very hard to cut (lots of hidden waves that get released if not cut properly). Thanks! Need a Change

I recommend Maggie Smith on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. I started having my hair cut and highlighted by her when she was with Yosh years ago. I have thick, wavy hair and she has always done a great job cutting it. And I've had more compliments on my highlights. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see her lately due to my financial situation. But as soon as that changes I'm making an appointment! Maggie's number is 923-1403. Airdri