Wrinkles & Sun Damage

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Facelift alternatives for sun damage?

May 2009

I spent most of my teen years frying my pale skin at Southern California beaches, and now - 30+ years later - am paying for it. Any ideas on decreasing wrinkles, short of a facelift? anon

Check out Paula's Choice cosmetics available from Paula Begoun on cosmeticscop.com. She has wonderful information about all the different skincare products, including analyzing all the ingredients. She tells you what works and what doesn't. She has her own line of completely unscented products with all the ingredients explained, but still recommends other company's products, as well. For wrinkles, she recommends alpha or beta hydroxy (she'll explain which for what kind of skin) and good moisturizers. I have tried many products over the years, including Olay and lots of natural products. I love Alba CoQ10 moisturizers, BUT I have had more obvious results with Paula's Choice in just a month. It's nice to know what and why you're using! Joan
I grew up in southern california and spent all my time at the beach. At about age 40 I started using Retin A (tretinoin) on my skin on a regular basis and my skin looks great. I hardly have any wrinkles. My dermatologist recommended it- Retin A is a prescription and costs about $60. I know it seems like a lot, but it lasts forever. I buy about two tubes a year. You can also get it filled at Costco. It can dry out your face a bit at first so just use it every other day or every few days until your skin gets used to it. You should use very little, not slather it on. Also, you might start out at a lower strength. wrinkle free-mostly
For a few years there I had regular microdermabrasion treatments at a dermatologist's office. It was fantastic. I got compliments on my skin all the time and I feel it turned back the clock by about 5 years. The treatments softened age lines, refined my pores, tightened my skin, and lightened age spots. I used some prescription-only lightening stuff on my age spots, too, which helped. Our income has been reduced enough that I can't splurge on such things anymore, unfortunately. But when I can afford it, microdermabrasion is the at the top of my list.

Under-eye wrinkles

Feb 2006

The wrinkles under my eyes seem to be more pronounced than ever, and I'm beginning to get a complex. I feel incredibly ''young'' and want to look as good as I feel. I would like any advice on how my wrinkles could be treated (dermabrasion, botox...) as well as possible costs, amount of pain, length of healing process, etc. Thanks for your insight. anon

hi go to dr. kathleen welsh in Sf 415-668-4956 she is hard to get into but is great andf will give you a skin care program or do the botox whatever she does not take Alot of insurance but gives you all the forms to send in you need to get on retina probaly mixed with Obagi skin care. hope this helps. I am 38 no wrinkles 2 kids and have been working with kathleen for 3 years hope this helps anon
Obaji has helped me. I get this from Dr. Elizabeth Lee. anon
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