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Haircutter for post-partum hair loss

Sept 2006

I had discouragingly thin, straight hair before I had my kids, but now that I'm having post-pregnancy hair shedding, it's just *ludicrously* skimpy. If you've had this problem and found a haircutter who gave you a straightforward haircut that helped camouflage the problem, please tell me about them, either directly or to the list. I'm not feeling horrible about it, so I don't need someone who will do a lot of handholding; if the look of the thinness can be improved by a different haircut, the haircutter doesn't have to have a really sympathetic personality . Thanks!

I think I've posted about her before, but I've been going to Annette at Peter Thomas Hair Salon (N. Berkeley -- on Shattuck and Virginia) for years now. I have very fine hair, and, like you, it got much skimpier after the kids came out. I like Annette because she, too, has very thin hair, so she really relates. Most importantly, she knows how to give a good cut, and incidentally which products can help add some volume! Christine
Hi -- I did not see your original post but the words ''post- partum hair loss'' caught my eye. Boy, do I know that problem! Anyway, I highly recommend Erin at Any Body Salon on Grand Avenue just south of MacArthur Blvd. Her cell phone number is 510-325-4687. Good luck! Empathetic Mom