Sunless Tans

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Sunless tanning lotions/unpleasant odor

May 2006

When I've used sunless tanning lotions I've found them to leave an unpleasant odor. Can anyone recommend a brand that is oderless or at least pleasant smelling? Thanks! Anon

Try Kinesys spray sunscreen. Its SO easy to put on and goes up to 30 SPF. They have a kids version and an adult's version. Not too sure of the difference. I've had a hard time finding it around her but if you go to their website, you'll find a store locator, and its easy to find online. It is rather pricey however, but good stuff. Hilary
In all my years of using these products, that icky, clingy smell has always been part and parcel of fake tans. I believe that the smell belongs to the very chemical that is turning your skin brown- so enjoy! Tell yourself it is a great smell that will keep you from skin cancer later in life! tan with a funnny smell

Want to treat myself to a *light* fake tan

May 2006

The continual rain and my 5 month postpartum body is really starting to get me down. Usually I don't really think much about being tan but with so much rain and a new baby at home I feel like I never see the sun anymore which has left me with such fair skin it's see through! So, I would like to treat myself to a *light* fake tan. I don't want to expose myself to anything that is bad for me, so no tanning beds. I have heard of spas that will do a spray on tan- has anyone done that before? Could you get a light tan? I don't want to look dark, just not see through anymore! I have also heard of lotions you can buy but an scared to death of them. I have semi dry skin so I am afraid that I wouldn't be able to apply it correctly- anyone have experience with them? Is there another way? Thanks in advance! -tired of being see through

I just starting using a new product (to me, anyway) called Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. I found it at Target and it's relatively cheap ($7) It works great. You put it on daily, as you would any moisturizing lotion and in a day or two, lo and behold, you start to gain color. No streaking and it looks natural...not orangy. It's not dramatic, but definitely noticable. It's been about five days for me and I'm no longer ashamed to wear shorts. So now I can start working on my ''natural tan''. not so pasty
I hear where you're coming from! As a red-head I smear sunscreen all over my body, and end up paler than pale all summer long. I could never apply sunless tan creams evenly, but last summer I discovered the Mystic Tan and loved it! You stand in a booth naked and are sprayed head to toe with a mist. I went with the lightest tan first and it looked totally natural, and then a few weeks later got the next one up -- it seemed as if I'd just deepened my ''natural'' tan (so I didn't go from ghost white to medium tan overnight). The silliest thing though: they give you booties to put on, and then you end up with the goofiest looking white/tan pattern on your feet! I don't use them any more. Same with the goggles - but keep your eyes CLOSED and hold your breath. Boy, what a difference a little tan makes to my body confidence level! Sad, but true. Sunless tanners contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which temporarily stains the skin surface and fades like a suntan as skin cells are naturally shed. DHA is considered by experts to be completely safe for skin, but I don't have any research to support that claim. I just love Mystic Tan for how convenient and natural looking it is! Go to to find locations near you. It's about $25 and well worth it. Happily Tanned Red-Head

Want to wear skirts again - waxing & tanning?

April 2006

I stopped wearing skirts years ago when my girls were born and I gained weight. I feel like my legs are really really white, blue vein-y (not just ankles, but my entire calves), and sort of pocked looking from shaving.

I know there must be beauty solutions for these problems, but I've just worn pants and not thought about it. I don't really understand the difference between waxing and any other types of removal. And my husband is freaked out about spray-on tans, cause he thinks they'll find out later it causes cancer (''sprayed on? On your skin!?'')

Are there good tan-looking creams? Or should I go for tanning booths. I'm just completely confused, but you can sign me: wish I could wear skirts again

I can sympathize with you! I have actually been having problems with veiny, pale legs before I had my daughter. I have also been getting waxing done since I was 13. (I am now 31.) Waxing is a treatment that you get done every 4-6 weeks. And it's just that. They slather wax on you, let it dry a little, and then tear it off. It hurts the most the first time and some areas are more tender than others. Another hair removal treatment is laser. This is more permanent. But it is far more expensive and the amount of treatments vary from person to person. But many people like this, too. There is also a new prescription cream out. I don't know the cost. You would have to see a cosmetic dermatologist. It's possible to have an adverse affect on some skin. But you just test it out. I intend to look into it more - just haven't yet.

The best thing for fake tanning, is to go to a tanning booth. The tan lasts for about a week. You strip down to your underwear and they just spray you. Ironically, there is something in it that is actually GOOD for your skin. This should put your husband at ease.

Tanning is not my favorite b/c of all the scare of cancer and sun damage to age the skin. But Waxing is something I do often. I go to Spa de Esperanza on Solano. I would say Kristina is good at the legs, arms, and underarms. She somehow makes it less painful then most people who wax. She also gives advice on how to care for the skin post waxing. Things you can do with what you already have at home. And Sandra is the BEST by far at Eyebrows. If you want a great shape, you have to schedule with Sandra Depaz. She knows how to shape any brow and they have a great product that even grows Eyelashes naturally. It works! I am proof and their receptionist Sue is too. Her lashes grew to touch her glasses. It was amazing and I think she is about 50. I know it is powerful stuff. Call them at (510) 525-8700. I think they have a website too. Waxing Crazy Mom

Where to get a spray-on tan

June 2004

I'm looking for recommendations where to get a spray on tan in the Berkeley area. Also any information about the procedure and if you were happy with the results. Thanks. samadhi

Hi there! I do massage at Avalon salon in Montclair and they offer Magic Tan spray tanning. I've done it several times and I'm pretty happy with the results. It's easy, fast, completely UV-free and lasts about a week (7-10 days). Also, it seems to work really well with different skin tones (I'm naturally pretty pale). It's $26 for one session -- but there are package deals where the price goes down. If you stop by the salon or call (339-1199), someone will answer any questions you have or walk you through the process. Good luck! Looking lots tanner these days!