Right Angle Hair Salon (Oakland, CA)

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Sept 2008

Re: Haircut for curly-headed preschooler
Try Stacy Curns at the Right Angle in Rockridge. She's really fast, which is important when dealing with kids and my 6 year old daughter (who has extremely curly ringlets) loved going to her. My daughter's hair is prone to tangle and Stacy managed to detangle it without a single tear in 2 minutes flat. Stacy fan

Sept 2007

Re: Hair color for the first time to cover gray
Kate Narron has been cutting and coloring my hair for over two years now -she's wonderful. She listens well and has great ideas and just simply rocks it when it comes to color. I was washing out my own grey for a long time and it always looked flat and frankly dyed. Kate somehow manages to make my hair look really natural and vibrant without using highlights or low lights (I have dark hair -the ones that aren't grey that is) and it feels much healthier than when I was doing it myself. I have wavy hair, but my friend who now sees Kate regularly has perfectly straight hair --we both feel like it's the best hair cut experience we've had. Kate's not only terrific at what she does, she's fun to visit with too (she's also a mom) . She's at Right Angle Hair Design in Rockridge, 510-420-8447 or her direct cell 510-499-3974.

She is formerly of Sproos in SF (you can read some reviews from her fans on YELP.com under Sproos Hair Salon). Hidden Greys

Jan 2007

I love my stylist Theresa Roda at the Right Angle on Forest off College in Rockridge (right around the corner from Rockridge Kids). She's given me the best cuts ($65) and does my color as well. I've sent five friends to her and they all are going back for more. She works Wed through Saturday and can be reached at 510.420.8447 extension 5. Jeannine

Nov 2006

Re: Cool & funky haircutter in East Bay
I go to Theresa at the Right Angle. I've been there twice and I continue to get compliments on my hair, now weeks after my cut. Rates are reasonable and she's fun to talk to (time can slip away if we're not careful though). 310 Forest St Oakland, CA 94618 510-420-8447 -- Happy with Hair

May 2006

Re: Hair stylist for long curly hair
My stylist, Stacey Curns at The Right Angle in Rockridge, is amazing with curly and unruly hair! She's also great with straight hair. I've referred lots of friends who are now completely devoted to Stacey. As an added benefit for new moms, The Right Angle (on Forest at College) is just around the corner from Rockridge Kids, so I always get my kid supplies and gifts when I get my hair done. Tell her Noel sent you! She can be reached at 420-8447 Noel

Re: Hair cut - man with curly hair (March 2006)
both my husband and i go to Leslie Orvik at 'the Right Angle'. it's on Forrest at College, so maybe too far for your hubby - but she is GREAT! 510.557.9835 curly man's wife
Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
My stylist for the last decade, Stacey Curns, is hip (much more so than I am!), great with curly hair and great with color. She's also fun and on time! She's at the Right Angle salon on Forest at College in Oakland. I think the salon's number is 420- 8447 and her extension is 7 -- but that may have changed. I have many curly-haired and straight-haired friends that go to her. Noel
Re: Relaxing/texturizing black hair (June 2003)
Stacey Curns, at The Right Angle salon on Forest at College, has been taking care of my crazy hair since the early 90s. She's excellent. I go to her for a relaxer/texturizer, cut and color every few months. She's not the cheapest (cuts are $55, relaxer and color are more -- my last appointment cost $245, including a 20% tip), but she's very good and is always on time and it's not an ''all-day-at-the-salon'' experience, which I cannot tolerate. Her number is (510) 420-8447, ext. 8. I think she works Wednesdays through Saturdays. Tell her I sent you! Noel
Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
The salon called Right Angle behind Noah's Art on College in rockridge has several good stylists. One, Carl, has done my hair for over a decade. He only sees clients one weekend per month Sunday-Tuesday, so you have to book ahead and will want to schedule your next appointment at your current visit. I'm not sure he is taking new clients, but it's worth a try. 420-8447 and leave a message in his box. happy hair customer
Re: Haircutters for Curly Hair (2001)
I highly recommend Heather Holston at The Right Angle, which is on Forest off College, just around the corner from Rockridge Kids. I also have curly hair, and have been going to Heather for several years with very few complaints. -Jody