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Editor Note (July 2012). The previous owner of the Powder Box has retired. The current owner, Janet Snidow, has renamed the business Mane Alley.

Re: Hair Stylist/Colorist for Grandma 12/03
The Powder Box, on Solano Ave., is just what you are looking for! MK
Oct. 2003

I was planning on taking my 2 year old daughter to Snippety crickets on Solano Ave. for a haircut but thought that I would search the archives to see what others experienced there. I read several mixed reviews on Snippety Crickets but found a couple of recommendations about a place near Snippety Crickets called the Powder box.

A woman named Trisha took time to get to know my daughter and make sure that she was comfortable and even having fun before she even started to style her hair. If the child is fussy, she would prefer to wait until the child is calmed down. She charges $13 until they are 13 years old and also cuts adults and does manicures and pedicures. The place is not as cute as a salon that caters to children, but Trisha's experience with children makes up for the lack of enviroment.
Powder box salon 1757 Solano Ave Trisha 510-525-8541
FYI: Previous posts about the Powder Box recommend a woman named Barbara. Trish is replacing Barbara since she has passed away. Katherine

Re: Hair Stylist/Colorist for Grandma (Dec 2003)
The Powder Box, on Solano Ave., is just what you are looking for! MK

Re: Haircuts for Children (May 2000)
I've also tried a place on upper Solano Ave (the Powder Box?) The cut was decent, the woman was kind, but I had to schedule the appointment a week or so in advance and it reminded me of some place my grandmother would go. Cecily

April 2000
Jan at the Powder Box on Solano Ave is great. I've been getting highlights done for over a year and I know she can advise and help you fix your last coloring job. The Powder Box is not fancy (yes it is an old lady's place) but it is a great find and quite inexpensive. I never cared for fancy, chic places anyway. Call Jan at 528-6889, address is 1757 Solano. Good luck. Marissa
Re: Baby's First Haircut (Sept 1999)
I've taken my daughter to several different places. The first, when she was younger than 2, was done by Barbara at the Powder Box on upper Solano Ave. Barbara is the favorite and we now just go to her. She's great with kids; they have toys and lollipops, and it's only $8.50 plus tip. Stefanie