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Your experience with Obagi Blue Peel

May 2006

I am considering having an Obagi Blue Peel performed by my dermatologist and wondering what people's experiences have been with this procedure? Worth the money? How horrible is the recovery? Did you feel like you couldn't go out in public or did it really just look like a severe sunburn peeling? Thanks for the input.

I am a plastic surgeon in Berkeley and I work extensively with the Obagi NuDerm line and do a fair number of Blue Peels.

To answer your questions from a professional standpoint:

The Obagi blue peel is a medium depth TCA peel which can be very effective in improving persistant hyperpigmentation and persistant fine wrinkles. I say ''persistant'' because the NuDerm skin care line is extremely effective in correcting hyperpigmentation and improving wrinkles when it is used properly twice a day over an appropriate period of time which might be as long as 6-8 months if the skin is significantly sun and age damaged. In my practice, the majority of patients don't need a Blue peel because the results from the skin care alone when combined with careful sun protection are sufficient. Even those patients who come in specifically for the Blue Peel find such improvement during the 8 weeks of pretreatment with the NuDerm preparing for the peel that they end up not doing the peel at all. However, if the progress is slow in spite of using the products twice a day, the Blue peel will often get that last 20% of persistant hyperpigmentation and will really rev up the fibroblasts in the deep layer of skin to fill out wrinkles.

You will look horrible after the peel and will not want to go out for around 5 days, although you will feel fine. Stock up on groceries and enjoy your time at home.

Good luck
Elizabeth Lee, M.D.

Considering a chemical peel by a dermatologist

March 2006

I'm in my 40s and considering having a chemical peel done by a dermatologist. Has anyone had any negative experiences with this? Any positive results/feedback? Thanks.

Call Myrna Taiariol at Tribez Salon in Danville for this information. She's honest and been in business for years, so will have practical experience with this question. She's also a love! (925) 212-3150 Julie

Over-the-counter chemical peels

May 2005

Has anyone tried those new over-the-counter chemical peels? I think both Neutrogena and L'Oreal make one. Are they effective? Did they improve your skin or leave you red-faced?

Hello, I am studying dermatology and have read a lot about peels.

Chemical peels can be very effective when used properly and matched to the correct skin type. There are many different types of chemical peels that use a wide variety of different ingredients from acids to enzymes to exfoliate the skin. Most peels that are designed for home use are very mild (i.e.) not very acidic. The neutrogena peel is an enzyme peel which tends to be very mild. You may get a small amount of exfoliation but probably not as much as you are hoping for. Despite being mild, always make sure you apply a small amount to the inside of yor forearm before you use any peel to make sure you aren't allergic to it. And avoid the sun by wearing a hat or sunscreen for at least ten days after using a peel.

All in all, I think peels are a great way to exfoliate and can bring about dramatic improvements in the appearance of your skin. But I wouldn't waste time with OTC peels. Professional peels can also help improve other skin conditions such as acne, but store bought peels will not help other conditions as much as the pro peels. Peels can also be dangerous if used improperly so it is best to go and see a licensed esthetician or dermatologist if you want to do it right. I can post the names of a few I know in the area if anyone wants.

Good luck and wear sunscreen! Tyler

Obagi Blue Peel for Sun Spots?

March 2005

I just had an appointment with a cosmetic dermatologist who suggested I get the Obagi Blue Peel. It sounds like it will greatly help my dark sun spots on my cheeks. Has anyone had experience with the Blue Peel? Do you have a blue tint while your face peels? Did you go in public the week you were ''blue''? Was it worth it; recovery and cost? Who was your dermatologist? Thank you! Feeling Blue Soon

I don't know anything about a blue peel, but I can tell you what was very successful for my sun spots. I had a lot, and some big ones, having spent a lot of time working outdoors without sunscreen (until about 10 years ago, all the available ones badly irritated my skin),

I had a laser treatment done with a special laser that is specific for that condition. It worked in one treatment, with a little (free) followup to catch some tiny spots. I can't remember the name of that specific laser, as I had different laser treatments for other problems and have forgotten which was which.

I went to the Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Institute in Greenbrae, 415-461-1036. I can't remember the specific cost of the sun spot treatment, but I had done some price comparison for various treatments before I decided to go there, and their prices were the same or less than other places.

I've seen both Dr. Parnell (the owner), and Dr. Lindner, and both of them are excellent at their work, as well as being personable and willing to spend as much time as you need explaining everything (even if, like me, you need to ask the same questions several times!). The nurses who do some of the treatments are very experienced, nice, and patient. Consultations are free- some other places I checked out charge for a consultation.

The treatment leaves you with unattractive brown crusty spots for about a week. I just went about my business with them anyway, even though I looked a little weird. I figured it was worth a little embarrassment to get the results I wanted, and found that people tended to ignore it, and no one stared at me. I just explained to people who I knew what was going on.

Laser treatments are not particularly fun. They sting, and there's a startling flash of light (your eyes are completely protected but you do see some light anyway), but it is quick. With the sun spot treatment, I had stinging for maybe an hour after, and then had no pain at all.

I'd suggest that you check it out before you make a treatment decision. Cecelia

I don't know about the Blue Peel, as I have not done that myself, but I am doing Obagi with Elizabeth Lee MD (704-2170). She is a board certified plastic surgeon , but relates to you as a wonderful woman friend. She is knowledgable,patient and explains the products and how they work. I am seeing her to develop and maintain healthy skin. No pressure to ''do more''... satisfied customer
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