Nose Hair

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Nose Hair (ugh!)

Dec 2004

I seem to have reached that disgusting point in life when the hair in my nose is determined to announce its presence to the greater world. I have seen lots of ads for electric clippers designed for just such uses. My question is: If one clips them, do they grow back bigger, badder, & coarser? If so, is there another way to deal with this? And if the electric approach is the best one, any suggestions re: the best product? thanks, harry

Join the club, Harry (Hairy?). I've found the mechanical and the electric trimmers to be a complete waste of money. They all tug and hurt. I have two approaches. Sometimes I pluck on my own with a pair of tweezers. Yeah, it stings, but you get used to it. Or, find a pair of small scissors (I forgot what the type is called, maybe ''cuticle scissors'') with blunt (very important, sharp things inside nose are not good) tips and just trim the hairs periodically. They don't come back any thicker or coarser in my experience, and by manipulating your nose (it's just cartilage and pretty flexible), you can cut pretty close to the base without running the risk of nicking yourself. Hairy (not Harry) too

My husband 'acquired' the same problem. I bought him the Panasonic nose (and ear) trimmer from Brookstone several years ago and it works like a charm. I don't know whether the hair grows back thicker - it's not visible :) - R.A.