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May 2008

Re: Good hairdresser for natural black hair
I suggest you try a salon called ''Nappy or Not'' in Oakland near Lake Merrit. It's at 411 E. 18th St. and the phone number is 510/835-7838; you should ask for the proprietor -- Rhonda Glenn -- to do your hair. I have been going to Nappy or Not for about 6 years now. I don't wear my hair natural -- I have a light relaxer and get it flat ironed -- but many (perhaps most) folks who go to ''Nappy or Not'' have natural hair (thus the name). I'm confident that Rhonda will do a great job for you. That being said, please be prepared to wait about a half-hour for your appointment -- things do get backed up as with many ethnic salons where various processes and styles can take longer than expected.

On another note, I'm so sorry for your somewhat bad experience at a salon that didn't do your/our type of hair; you really do have to stick to ethnic salons (black, latina, Middle East) when it comes to getting good results because they really seem to be the only folks who recognize and can work with the huge variety of textures in ''black'' hair -- from almost bone straight to waves, spiral curls, bushy curls, curly 'fros, etc. Moreover, many non-ethnic salons *think* they can work with ''black'' hair -- and are anxious to capitalize on the money to be made in this area -- but have no idea what they are doing: You could leave one of these places with seriously damaged hair; let them try and hone their skills on someone else's head. Good luck. nette

Oct 2007

Re: Need help with my beginning dreadlocs!
''Nappy or Not'' in Oakland. I think his name is JT, but everyone is good. Has Locs

March 2002

Re: Teen wants dred locks
Several newsletters ago, a request was made for a hair stylist who starts/maintains locs (dred locs). Cristina J. at Nappy or Not (Oakland) has been divine. She loves working with natural hair of different textures. Give her a call at 510-835-7838. Nappy or Not's address is 1206 Fruitvale Avenue, just below International. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks. tonda