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Good hair cut for layers

Oct 2007

I want to cut layer of my hair. Anybody know good saloon to cut the hair :) I always go super cut and trim my hair and now I want to change the hair style. Please help!

i cannot recommend john at peter thomas highly enough. he is GREAT. knows what will work with your face and hair style and is not afraid of telling you what will/won't work. 843-0697 good luck!
You should try La Nana Salon in Albany/Berkeley. There are good hair stylists there. Here is the phone# 510-525-8700. The address is 1564,solano Ave. You will be happy. Kate
Try Festoon Salon in Berkeley or SF. They are an upscale salon that has an intern training program. You can either be a hair model for a free cut and an instructor will guide the student to cut your hair...which can take up to 3 hours...or try an advanced student for about $20 and get a 'nearly professional' cut with teacher supervision as well. tried it, liked it
Your post didn't specify what town you are in, or what you are willing to pay, but whenever I want to find a good new place like a hair salon, I visit It's a great site made up entirely of local recommendations for everything from restaurants to stores to everything else. You can search by city, too. Lisa in Oakland
I would like to HIGHLY recommend a wonderful haircut person: his name is tom and he works out of a place on broadway near college called milagro . His private number in the salon is:510-923.0403,he is not there on mondays & thursdays i have been going to him for over ten years and have never been disappointed with my haircut. he has also mixed colour for me just by my describing what i am looking for because i can never find exactly what i want in one particular tube of colour. i have my hair cut in london, n.y. and various places in the bay area but i would now NEVER change from him and will be most distressed if and when he quits! he knows when i am about to make a really foolish decision for which i shall be sorry later and good naturedly but firmly talks me out of it! for this i am always grateful. marjorie
I always get lots of positive comments on my haircuts from Becca at Tresses in Berkeley. The address is: 1734 Solano Ave. (above Basil restaurant, off Ensenada), and the phone # is: 524-5776. PHN