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Re: Hairdresser for Asian hair (May 2004)
I have the hairdresser for you! He's John at La Tour Salon on College near Ashby. 883-1999. He is great with Asian hair and can also recommend a style for you if you're not sure what you want. He has had tons of training and knows how to cut just about every haircut there is. Costs about $45 without the tip. Amy
Re: Hairdresser for Asian hair (May 2004)
Liam at La Tour salon on College is wonderful, and does really good business. Skilled, good style sense, a sweet and decent guy, and good prices. He's east Asian, himself and has lots of experience with the hair type you describe (mine is curly, which can also be an issue). Hope you enjoy your new look! David P.
Re: Good colorist who works Saturdays (Jan. 2004)
I would try Liam at LaTour on College near Ashby. Wonderful care and service, very interested in customers being satisfied, and a nice atmosphere, too. Happy Hair