Hair Tailor

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Re: Post-partum Style Disaster (April 2004)
I liked Elizabeth at Hair Tailor in Montclair - she always tried to evaluate my hair texture and face shape before cutting, and gave me a cut I had been wanting but didn't know how to illustrate or articulate.
Re: Make-up artist for wedding photos (June 2003)
Try Erin or Janine at Hair Tailor in Montclair. They did the make-up for my wedding and it was wonderful --it was very subtle and natural looking, but I really think I've never looked better, and the pictures prove it! anon
Re: Mobile Hairdresser for Wedding (March 2003)
Try Jeannine Hunt at the Hair Tailor in Montclair (Oakland). Don't know for sure she works outside her salon, but I'll bet she does. Robin
Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
I would highly reccomend both Janine and Erin at Hair Tailor in Montclair. I have been going there for years, and have always been happy with how my hair has looked. They even did my hair for my wedding (and it looked terrific)! The Hair Tailor is open Saturday and Sunday, although they book up way in advance (two to three months is not unusual). Good luck! anon
Re: good hair salon in Montclair (July 2002)
I highly recommend Hair Tailor in Montclair (right next to Peet's). I've gone to a number of stylists there over the years and have had good experiences with virtually all of them. I also really like the woman who owns the place. I think she runs a tight ship. I would especially recommend either Francesca or Eryn for hair cuts. (I think Eryn might be more expensive and harder to get an appointment with.) -- Ilana
Re: good hair salon in Montclair (July 2002)
a few years ago when i lived in montclair, i got my hair cut at a shop called ''hair tailors'' (or something like that) next to peet's coffee in the village. i always used francesca. don't know if she's still there, but if she is, she was terrific. Kate