Salons for Seniors

Parent Q&A

  • My elderly mother has moved in with us here in Berkeley and I'm trying to find someone who can give her a nice cut and style. I would like to find someone who has experience doing hair for ladies over 80.  My mother currently has the same hairstyle she had in the 1950's, which requires getting a perm every few months, putting rollers in, and sleeping in a silk cap so it doesn't get mussed. She is ready for something shorter now and easier to maintain! She would hate the fancy salon I go to, and she mistakenly believes she can still get a cut, perm, and set for $25. Is there a homey salon you know of where elderly ladies go? Or even better, do you know a stylist who can come to our home? 

    C C salon in Moraga, if you are willing to travel.  It is really not that far, about 20 min from South Side.  They cater somewhat to the elderly ladies from the 2 retirement homes here, I am told.  Then you could eat lunch at the nearby Ranch House Cafe, another throwback establishment. 

    My MIL used to go to Empress Hair Styling on Park Blvd. Sounds like the right speed for you mom.

    Try Jan Snidow at Mane Alley, 1859A Solano Ave., Berkeley; the shop is located at the top of Solano Ave. behind the Oaks theater.  Her phone number is (510) 528-6889.