Do It Yourself Kids' Haircuts

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Want to learn how to cut hair at home

March 2003

I'd love to know the basics of hair cutting in order to cut my kids hair myself. Does anyone know of a down-and-dirty one-day or afternoon class that would teach parents this? thanks. Dana

Hi Dana. A couple of years ago I searched online and found a Conair hair cutting kit with instructional video, electric clippers/razor, hair cutting scizzors, hair clips, gown... for $30 or $35. I think it might have been on their website. I am still not terrific at hair cuts, but while my kids are little, they don't mind that they are not getting salon cuts. This has really saved me a lot of money so far (three kids). Best Regards! Tiffany

I recommend the book ''How to Cut Your Child's Hair at Home.'' I bought it at Borders. I've been cutting my now 3-year-old's hair since birth and people seem to think he doesn't look too bad. Unfortunately, the only way to learn is to practice, and on a squirmy child this can take a while. But I'm up to a fairly complicated layered cut now, and have also learned how to use clippers on the back (clipper use is not covered in the book except for buzz cuts). VM

I learned to cut hair (with scissors) from library books. I also give buzz cuts with an electric clipper, which is very easy. J12

September 1999

I love my Flowbee! I've cut my boy's hair for twelve years! Results can be better than Pro.

A flowbee is an attachment to your vacuum cleaner that uses a stack of clear rectangular spacers to keep the cutting blades a precise distance from the scalp. It's great for short and medium length hair styles on relatively straight hair, and almost useless on tightly curled hair.

Air flows up the spacers held close to the head and carries the hair along with it. the hair is pulled straight to the length of the spacers, cut off and sucked into the vacuum cleaner - no mess to clean up. There are pictures and a better description on there web-site.

The whole kit is available online at for $80 (which sounds like a lot until you think about the amount of money you'll save not going to supercuts or someplace more expensive).