Hair Extensions

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Need info about hair extensions

Apr 2005

I would like to get hair extensions, and am wondering what all the options are besides braiding. Glue? I heard something about sewing them on? And how much do they cost? How long do they last? Any advice would be appreciated. want some hair

See Barbarella Beauty Lounge for a review including a description, cost, duration, etc.

Good place for extensions, not too expensive

Oct 2003

Hello, Does anyone know a good place to get hair extensions? Preferably not too expensive... Thanks! Summer

Hair extensions are never inexpensive since they're such a time consuming job...and like many other things: ''you get what you pay for''...with that in mind, the best local place to get extensions done (in my opinion) is Barbarella Beauty Lounge 2442 San Pablo Ave (x street is Dwight) in Berkeley 510 548-ELLA...Michelle and Christine are extension pros...check them out sometime!!!good luck! moniz