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Aesthetician who does microdermabrasion in Oakland?

Feb 2005

I see past recommendations for salon microdermabrasion in Berkeley, but not in Oakland. Does anyone have a recent good experience with an aesthetician who does microdermabrasion in Oakland? Looking to soften those laugh lines

Hi. My dermatologist has an Aesthetician that does microdermabrasion. I haven't had that done because I can't afford it, and I'm trying the glycolic acid skin care treatment first. My dermatologist is Dr. Terri Dunn, phone 848-8404 I haven't worked with her aesthetician for very long, but I like her. She explains things to me and doesn't mind going over things with me more than once. She also works with your budget. Beth

A couple of months ago I got a microdermabrasion kit at Longs Drug store for about $25- they had several different brands all pretty similar. It includes a battery-powered brush and the abrasive lotion. It is enough for several months use, multiple times a week. It has made a huge difference in my skin and I use it in the convenience of my own home. It sure is economical compared to going to a salon. anon

Dermabrasion or laser to reduce wrinkles

June 2004

Hello, I am a 44 year-old Mom of a 2 year-old. In the last 6 months,4 people have asked me if he was my grandson. It was quite depressing. I don't think I look that old, excep when I haven't apllied any make-up, done my hair nicely or dressed reasonably well (it happens...), but I still would like to do something to improve my skin tone and appearance. I have considered dermabrasion, and laser treatments to reduce sun damage and wrinkles, but I don't know where to go or how much they cost. I have looked in the archives and found only one recommendation from 2002 for dermabrasion and none for laser to reduce wrinkles. Can somebody recommend a good place to go in the East Bay? If you have any pros-cons about either treatment I would also like to hear them, as well as an approximate cost. Probably laser is out of my reach right now, but I could start saving if it really is worth the results. Thanks! Wrinkeld-Momma

Hi! Congratulations on your new baby.

I had a similar revelation about my own skin after a recent milestone birthday. And I found a wonderful aesthetician who is both knowledgeable and compassionate. She is also very honest about what kind of results you can expect from various treatments and products.

Her name is Lynne, and she owns Face Magic in Albany on 838 Pomona at Solano (510) 526-3223. The spa is a relaxing place -- it's pampering and tastefully outfitted, but it's not fussy like other salons.

I have had the dermabrasion power peel on many occasions --it is a 60 minute treatment that makes your skin feel and look luscious. I was skeptical before I tried it, but it's awesome. And I was afraid it would hurt, but it just felt like a cat licking my face. I almost fell asleep.

She can prescribe a series of treatments customized to your face -- dermabrasion, designer peel, or facials. Lynne can also suggest an at-home regimen that fits both your needs and budget. I highly recommend investing in some of the products. That helps you maintain your skin in between treatments, and it also prevents further damage.

Lynne is realistic and helpful about how your skin can change and how you can protect your skin from future damage. When you have an appointment with Lynne, she ensures that your skin is cared for and that you have an overall RELAXING experience. And for a busy new mom like you, I bet you'd really enjoy the time for yourself! I hope you enjoy Face Magic as much as I do! Good Luck! Happy Face

To the Wrinkled-Momma: Last summer I had a severe facial melasma reaction (brown ''mask'' discoloration) to a birth control pill. I went to the dermatologist, researched laser/derm abrasion, but had the best results with an aesthetician named Iga Paczocha in Moraga (925-376-5664). She is very knowledgable, used effective products, and is quite reasonably priced. She has not only reduced my masking considerably, but in the interim has made my skin much more healthy--and it's noticeable. My sister and my husband keep mentioning how much better it looks. Plus her facial products are effective and not priced sky high. It's nice to go to someone who really knows what they're doing. Email me if you'd like more info.

I have had 3 sessions of mircro-derma abrasion(MDA) done on my sun damaged wrinkled skin. Here are my costs: Initial consulting visit with Dr. $110.00 M. Derma with nurse $140 (approx 30-45 min) I chose to buy the dr's skin regimen called ''Radiant'' which coupled with the MDA has done wonders to my skin. $135.00 I go to Katie Rodan in Oakland(33rd and Webster) and I couldn't be happier with the results! Good bye sun damage

Considering dermabrasion for acne scars & age spots

October 2002

I am considering dermabrasion for some minor facial acne scars and age spots. I'm in my early 30's. Has anyone tried it or have done some research on this? I'd love to hear about your experiences. Recommendations would be very helpful too! Kim

I recently had a series of 6 microdermabrasion sessions at Festoon Salon on MLK Jr with their facialist Laura. I am in my early thirties and was looking for an improvement on some sun damage incurred in my suntan-happy teenage years. The results are terrific. Much softer, smoother, more even-toned skin, and a big decrease in fine lines. The microdermabrasion didn't hurt at all- much less discomfort than your average facial, and way less pain than an eyebrow waxing, for example. In fact, it was a soothing and relaxing experience. I highly recommend Laura- she's professional, friendly, skilled and gentle. She has lots of very happy fans. You can make an appointment with her at 510-524- 2953. Enjoy! India

Microdermabrasion for acne scars

July 2002

Has anyone had recent experience with microdermabrasion, especially dealing with acne scars and related facial skin discolorations and textural irregularities? My kindergarten daughter recently made a lovingly detailed portrait of me ''with all the holes and marks on your face''! She meant well, but it made me realize that maybe it's time to try microdermabrasion to address the effects of the acne of my youth. Any recommendations for dermatologist or other qualified professional to perform this? Thanks!

I would definitely recommend microdermabrasion and would advise you to seek a qualified cosmetologist. If you go to a dermatologist you will pay considerably more and it's unlikely the dermatologist would do it himself/herself, because the procedure has become so standardized over the years.

It is not painful -- it feels like a cat's tongue being run over your face -- and the results are good provided you buy a package of about six treatments rather than a single treatment.

Microdermabrasion is more effective than a glycolic acid peel, but considerably less than laser resurfacing. If you have severe acne scarring you will not find it eliminates everything. But I was very pleased with the results of mild acne scarring on one cheek; and it also smooths fine lines, helps even skin tone. I saw Janet Cohn., R.N., from Pacific Skin Care in the city. Anon

I don't know much about microdermabrasion, but I can recommend Dr. Roy Grekin, an excellent dermatologist in San Francisco. He is a professor at UCSF and handles both cosmetic dermatology such as microdermabrasion and laser surgery as well as serious derm issues such as skin cancer. Both my mother and I have had some laser surgery to reduce facial wrinkles from sun damage and have been very happy with him. He definitely offers treatments for scarring and skin coloration problems. Though he is not a Kaiser doctor, I'd recommend seeing him for a consultation (about $60, I think) just to see what he would recommend for you. He would definitely give you the straight story, and as a doctor with a prestigious teaching hospital he is on the forefront of treatments for all skin issues. I don't have a number with me, but you can find him by calling 411 for SF. Good luck! anonymous

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