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Infant Daycare Teacher with Body Odor

Aug 2009

We have a 3-month old baby who just started daycare. One of the teachers that handles/carries her on a regular basis has bad body odor and/or perfume. Our baby comes home each day with the teacher's body odor in her hair, on her body, and on her clothes, and eventually on us! Changing my baby's clothes and giving her a sink bath every evening have not helped. Any advice? We don't want to offend anyone, but it is becoming unbearable. Up in Arms Parent

Prepare an anonymous letter to the director of the school, stating exactly what you just said. I worked with someone that this was a problem with once. Finally a parent said something, the directors said whatever they did to her, and it was never an issue again. You're not in the wrong, do what you need to do. anon
This would bother me too. I once turned down an otherwise excellent babysitter because she reeked of garlic. I just knew it would drive me crazy to smell that on my kid. I would say something to the director. We had an issue at my office with someone (a lawyer!) and the HR person had to deal with it. People were laughing at her behind her back because she smelled so bad. Really, you will be doing the person a favor by speaking up. I'm sure you are not the only person who has a problem with this.
yuck. find another day care provider, just say you found someone closer, cheaper whatever but there are so many choices out there, find another day care. erin

Office neighbor's Body Odor

March 2006

My office moved to a new location and I have new cubicle neighbors. My cubicle neighbors don't bathe often and their body odor permeates my cubicle. I did a Web search and this topic is discussed everywhere but I could not find solutions. I don't want to move desks, and I don't expect them to change how often they choose to bathe just for me. I acknowledge that there are many different reasons people don't bathe everyday. So is there anything I can use to neutralize the odor but not perfume up the air too much? I don't want to trigger anyone's allergies, so I was thinking of a drop of lavendar oil on a tissue? Some lightly scented potpourri? Any ideas?

Speak to your boss! You are not the only one affected by this odor I am sure. Have no other co-workers mentioned it? Just as if someone were smoking, wearing too much cologne or perfume, or had bad breath, body odor needs to be addressed and corrected. Regardless of the person's bathing habits/beliefs/needs - they are now out in the world and need to be aware that they impact others negetively!
Sensitive nose knows!