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Good Adult Bangs Haircutter/Stylist

Jan 2005

I am looking for a stylist who can cut attractive adult bangs. Pluses would be a stylist who could help me update my look, is reasonably priced and located in Oakland or easy to get to from Oakland. I have very thick, board-straight hair that grows very fast directly into my face. I'd like someone who knows how to cut bangs the length I specify, layering to take some of the weight of my bangs off, and doesn't use those notched scissors which do a terrible job. I'm good at describing how my hair works, specifying what's important to me (including providing pictures) and telling stylists up front that getting my bangs right is my highest priority with a cut. Even so, when changing stylists I've ended up with a lot of lousy looking bangs. I'd like to avoid the disappointments this time. Can anybody help? Looking for a change


  • Maru Hair Salon N. Berkeley
  • Natural Expressions Montclair
  • Peter Thomas Berkeley