Tique Salon (Berkeley, CA)

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Oct 2006

I would recommend Lisa at Tique Salon on Tunnel Road (?) in Berkeley. Basically right near the Claremont hotel. She's been doing my hair for years and she is awesome. She really knows her stuff and will tell you realistically what your hair can do! Plus she has a wonderful dog for all you dog lovers out there anon

June 2006

Re: Blond highlights that look natural
For any kind of highlights, you need to see Lisa at Tique. She's amazing and can make anyone's hair look great! I wanted highlights, but didn't want it to be too noticeable, so she recommended understated lowlights. I get tons of compliments. She's independent, so she doesn't have a full staff, but she is incredible and loads of fun too. I've recommended several people to her already. Everyone is a fan...510.841.0288 Satisfied Customer