Skye Salon (Oakland, CA)

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March 2009

Re: Tricky hair, thick with hidden waves
I have wavy hair that can be curly on a good day and awful otherwise unless properly cut. For 10 years I have been going to Elvia Bacuyani, who used to be at Ulee, then Topps, and now is the owner of Skye Salon on Piedmont Avenue. She has wavy/curly hair and has always known what to do with mine. She is phenomenal with color and her salon features Bumble and Bumble, yum. Skye Salon is 4385 Piedmont Ave (near Pleasant Valley) 595-7593. The salon is peaceful and relaxing and has a great back garden you can relax in while your color is working..... Elizabeth

Sept 2006

Re: Blondish highlights/haircolor for dark brown hair?
I love Elvia at Skye Salon in Piedmont! Elvia is the owner and she has 3 or 4 staff. Give her a call and tell her what your budget requirements are. 4385 Piedmont Avenue 510-595-7593 Cheryl

August 2002
Hi, I just thoght you would like to konw that, Shanti Sperr is no longer the owner of Skye Salon, in Oakland on Peidmont Avenue. If you wouldd like to call, 595-7593. Thank you Elvia
Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
I wanted to recommend Shanti Spears @ SKYE Salon for a great haircut and/or color. SKYE Salon is located at 4385 Piedmont Avenue (Shanti owns the Salon). In addition to giving a great haircut and color Shanti is also a very warm and friendly person. I found Shanti about 5 years ago. I had my hair colored at another salon (which I will not name). The color job was SO horrible that I was too scared to go into work the following day. I walked into SKYE salon and Shanti not only fixed the color (and of course, did a great job) but also did not charge me. Shanti just does nice stuff like this. I have also received frequent compliments on my hair cuts. E ( a happy SKYE salon/ Shanti Spears customer)