Shear Madness (San Francisco, CA)

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March 2007

Re: Need a boost in my personal style
i love my stylist, since 1995. good price ($40), and great service. i'm still making the trip into SF to keep him, though i moved to oakland in 98. his current shop is just off 18th st, near the top where it runs into market, so parking is ok. he's on a tiny street, almost an alley, called ''hattie.'' the shop is ''shear madness,'' and his name is steven york.(415) 621-2220. try him, you'll love him! i went through 2 pregnancies and he kept me looking good, and knew better than to let me go off the deep end once when i impulsively asked for a drastic change (oh, those pregnancy hormones, they can turn on 'ya...). happy client