Remedy Salon (Emeryville, CA)

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April 2008

Re: Dreadlocking Caucasian hair
I had a dread perm (and extensions) with Wendy at Remedy Salon in Emeryville. I was very pleased with the results, my dreads were well formed (if a bit fuzzy) from the get go, and although it's smelly chemicals, I didn't have a problem with that. The problem with fine hair is it doesn't lock up easily, and you basically have to do tons of maintenance and live with a pretty funky look for a while. With the perm it's just managing the frizz and doing a weekly grooming after washing it.

March 2008

Re: Good hairstylists for very straight Asian hair
My recent discovery is Monica, who recently moved to Remedy Salon ( from Alexander Pope in Rockidge. Shes young and hip,(but not in an itimidating way)and she does an awesome job. I too, had many many average haircuts (superfine, super straight hair and not alot of it), and was feeling like i was sinking into a habit of bad-mommy-hair days everyday. Glad to say those days are over! happy mama

March 2008

Re: Hairstylist/colorist in Emeryville?
Try Remedy Salon on 65th St. and Vallejo. I believe I went to Karen. She did a great job both with my cut and color. She was very detailed. I gave up commuting to SF for stylists. I've tried many stylists in Berkeley and Oakland and will stick with this salon. I've seen even higher praise for the other hairstylists there. I believe the reviews were on Yelp. Try there for other names. Good luck! Kelly

Polly has recently moved to Remedy Salon on 65th in Emeryville (after years at Festoon). She's a very talented hair stylist and colorist. Give her a call and you can't go wrong. 547-5000. She's new there so her bio isn't up yet, but she's great. Kelly
Try remedy salon on 65th (I think). Kind of new. Amazing haircuts and color. anon
Sept 2007

Re: Haircuts for straight hair
I love Dani Juni at Remedy Salon on 65th in Emeryville - she has done my hair at all lenghts, different styles and coloring/high lights. Reasonable rates 0+ She is part-owner at this nice salon of young women - if Dani is not available, try the other stylists. 510-547-5000. no longer shaggy (for a month anyway)