Natural Expressions Salon (Oakland, CA)

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Feb 2009

Re: Hair and color expert for thick hair
Too bad you don't want to go to Oakland. There's a terrific color person there who really knows color. A friend of mine with the thickest hair in the world swears by her: Z at Natural Expressions Salon. Susan

Oct 2006
Re: Has anyone tried Rising Phoenix Salon?
I had a great stylist/colorist at Phoenix but she has moved a block away to Natural Expressions on LaSalle. I initially went to Phoenix because she came so highly recommended. Her name is Z Kennedy. She's cut my hair twice and just recently I had highlights done with her and am more than pleased. anonymous
I would like to second the recommendation about Z Kennedy who recently left Phoenix Rising and is up the street at Natural Expressions in Montclair. She is a great hairstylist/colorist and going to her salon is a pleasant, relaxing experience. She even has her own room at the salon. She works fast, but you don't ever feel rushed and she never schedules more than one person at a time. Although she has many years experience, and even owned her own salon in Sonoma, she is just starting up her business here in Oakland, so seems to be fairly easy to get an appointment without much advance notice. I highly recommend her! anon
May 2006

Re: Stylist for Asian hair in Berkeley/Albany
I have a great recommendation for a stylist who specializes in Asian hair. Her name is Kristen and she works in the Montclair Village at Natural Expressions. I'm Chinese and my hair is stick straight in some places and kind of wavy in others. She's been cutting and coloring my hair for 2 years now and she is AWESOME. Not only does she understand the texture and weight of Asian hair, she is also super nice and a good listener. She is very straightforward about what will work with your hair and help you to set your expectations realistically. You can reach her directly by cellphone at 510-376-0467. You can tell her Nicole sent you. She'll get a kick out of it. Best of luck finding your perfect hairstyle. Her haircuts are $55. Nicole

Re: Good Adult Bangs Haircutter/Stylist (Jan 2005)
I use a great hairstylist in Montclair named Kelly. She works at Natural Expressions and can be reached at 338-0464. I've recommended her to a number of women and everyone loves her. An added bonus is that she works both Saturdays and Sundays, so can accommodate just about anyone's schedule. Lori
Re: a good hair salon in Montclair (July 2002)
I really like Cynthia Contreras at Natural Expressions. Phone is 338-0464. They offer validated parking at the lot across the street from them. Cynthia gives such a good cut that I often go 2-3 months before I feel the need for a cut again. Another good person is Alicia at the Hair Loft, 339-2490. Both charge around $45 for a cut. Expensive but worth it! Julie