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Jan 2007

Re: Hairstylist for Super-Thick Wavey Hair
I highly recommend Susanne (pronounced Susannah) at Moonshadow Salon on Ashby just off of College, in the Elmwood section. I also have Super Thick Wavey long hair, and she's just amazing - I've never had a cut that is this beautiful and easy to manage. She is, by far, the best stylist I've ever been to! And she's sweet, she taught me how to address some scalp issues I'd been having, and she gives delicious head massages when she's washing my hair. I found her under recommendations for Panache on the BPN but she's since moved to Moonshadow. She charges about $45. finally happy with my STW hair!

Jan 2007

Re: Hairdresser in Berkeley oakland
I wholeheartedly recommend Susanne (pronounced Susanna) at Moodshadow Salon on Ashby in Elmwood (841-4696.) She charges $45 or $50, is a single mom, a great stylist and really nice person -Welcome to the East Bay

Nov 2006

Re: Cool & funky haircutter in East Bay
Susanne (Pronounced Susannah) at Moonshadow. So great. And, she's a mom too. 841-4696 - tell her Alison sent you -enjoy.

June 2006

Re: Blond highlights that look natural
I strongly recommend Cari at the Moonshadow Salon (Ashby at College). I have black hair and she gave me highlights with brown and red. Yes, red! When she mentioned the color combinations to me it sounded utterly hideous, until I realized that she meant single strands of mahogany-red. She could actually highlight just one strand of hair! The end result looked completely natural and not like I had artificially colored my hair. Good luck! Palpakk

I've been very happy with my foil highlights and haircut (curly/wavy hair) from Susanne Adler at Moonshadow Salon on Ashby. (510) 841-4696. She's always busy and you have to book ahead. anderson
Re: Stylist who can do both cut and color (May 2004)
Chris, the owner of Moonshadow Salon on Ashby just off College is great. Good Hair Mama

Re: stylist who does a great job cutting short hair (May 2003)
I highly recommend Mary Jo, Lillian, Christopher or Chris (the owner) at Moodshadow Salon on Ashby @ College in Berkeley. $45 for a cut. Not sure about color, but I'd be willing to bet they're all good. Lovin' my short do!

Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
Try Chris (the owner) or Lillian at Moodshadow Salon on Ashby just off of College. You have to schedule a couple of weeks in advance, but then make appointments when you leave for your next cut. Good Luck.

Re: good cut and color on a Saturday (Sept 2002)
I recommend Mary Jo Rodrigues at MoonShadow in the Elmwood district, on Ashby. She listens to her clients and always makes me look great. She uses Aveda coloring products. She does work on Saturdays. Bennett

Editor Note: Mary Jo Rodrigues and Lillian Siu are now at SaHaira salon, 5510 College ave. Oakland, Ca. per email of 2/10/2006