Salon of Emery Bay (Emeryville, CA)

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March 2008

Re: Hairstylist/colorist in Emeryville?
Michael at Salon of Emery Bay (right by the public market) is awesome. He has a faithful following so sometimes it might be hard to get in when you want to. He's worth it, though. He tends to run late (as many good stylists do) so you should know that ahead of time. Happy Client

I would recommend Linda Sterling at EmeryBay Salon at 6001 Shellmound Suite 140 Ph. 652-6283 She's very talented and experienced. I go to her good friend near Monterey Market in Berkeley. janet
March 2003

Does anyone have any experience with Salon of Emery Bay in the Public Market? If so, do you recommend a particular stylist? My office moved near there and it would sure be convenient.

Michael at the Salon of Emery Bay is my guy and he is awesome. He is the busiest and by far the best stylist there. It's hard to get appts with him and he is notoriously late but he's worth the wait.
Happy client