Eclipxe Hair Salon (Berkeley, CA)

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Sept 2007

Re: Hair stylist for very thick, frizzy/curly hair
I have been going to Eclipse Hair salon for 5 years for color and cut. My whole family goes there now.I see Ruby but when Ruby was on maternity leave I saw Kim. BOTH are great. 649 9131. Ruby is great with deciding color and cut. When you say 2 inches it is 2 inches not 4 like some other places I have been to. Kim

March 2007

Re: Need a boost in my personal style
Hi, I have similar way hair. I love Ruby at Eclipxe--she is very professional and hip! She is also just a sweet person. You will not be dissapointed I promise! Eclipxe Hair Salon (510) 649-9131 1922 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley Katie

Jan 2007

Re: Hairstylist for Super-Thick Wavey Hair
I would try Ruby at ''Eclipxe'' in Berkeley on MLK. She is wonderful. (510) 649-9131. K

Re: Need professional hairstyle post-baby (Mar 2005)
Try Ruby at Eclipxe Hair Salon, 1922 MLK, Jr., 649-9131. My friends have been going to her for over 10 years, so she's seen them through their trendy college days, first jobs in the real world, and now, motherhood. All of their styles are professional, and a bonus, low maintenance! I've seen her for emergencies (when my best friend who owns a salon in the Peninsula goes on maternity leave-- yes, it's quite a trek from the East Bay, but I've known her all my life), and Ruby's fabulous! Good luck! Anna