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March 2008

Re: Hairstylist/colorist in Emeryville?
Hey I'm in Emeryville too! I recently went to Barberella on San Pablo at Dwight in Berkeley--just past Ashby though, barely out of Emeryville. I saw Angela for a cut and color--ooh I was looking rough. I had a cut that had grown out for like, six months AND some panels of color that were growing out. Like I said, rough. Anyway, she gave me a cut that I love and that--some four weeks later is growing out so lovely AND she gave me back my natural color except that its, um, more fabulous. Angela, Angela, Angela. Great for cut and color. A bit pricey but like I said I needed SO much help. check her out. julie

June 2007

Re: Coloring Asian hair
Try purple hair extensions. Call Barbarella salon about this. The extensions last a while and you don't have to worry about the bleaching. Happy Birthday!

Apr 2005

Re: Need info about hair extensions
Barbarella Beauty Lounge on San Pable ave near Dwight does amazing extensions.

I have had Full head extensions there a couple of times and they do fantastic work.

They use a monofiber that has great color and textures and the way they add it into your hair by boxbraiding and then melting the wrapped synthetic hard around that boxbraid resulting in a a very strong connection that requires cracking with pair of pliers when it's time to come off...they last a few months depending on how fast your hair grows and how picky you are about the roots... the way that they do the extensions mean that your own real hair is protected so there's no damage to your real hair. Glue, on the other hand trashes your hair and scalp. Sewing them in is better for African American hair because the tight curly texture makes a great on scalp braid that the weaves are then sewn into. Doesn't work for Caucasian hair, well, barely. It's not worth the $...

I'd recommend calling and talking to with Michelle or Christine about extensions, and possibly getting an appointment for a consult. they can answer ALL of your questions including the price. Extensions are NOT cheap...I loved mine, but at $750 a shot...(FULL head Ext are the most expensive)...i went from around ear length (short) hair to multi colored (4 colors) hair extensions down to my lower back...took about 6 hours...

They do extensions to look, obvious, like mine, or to be can do a 1/4 head, 1/2 head, full head, random ext. etc their # 510 548 3352 talk to Michelle or Christine

Oct 2004

Re: Need hip haircut for long, curly hair
I also know someone who got a great long curly hairdo at Barbarella (SanPablo Ave near Dwight way)

Oct 2003

Re: Good place for extensions, not too expensive
Hair extensions are never inexpensive since they're such a time consuming job...and like many other things: ''you get what you pay for''...with that in mind, the best local place to get extensions done (in my opinion) is Barbarella Beauty Lounge 2442 San Pablo Ave (x street is Dwight) in Berkeley 510 548-ELLA...Michelle and Christine are extension pros...check them out sometime!!!good luck! moniz