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Teething 4 month old

April 2009

Our 4 month old baby sleeps in our bed with us and I nurse her throughout the night. Recently she has been waking up about every hour during the night and crying--it's not that she's hungry but I usually try to put her back to sleep by nursing and that doesn't always work (when it used to before). I think that she might be waking up so often because she is in pain from teething? Has anyone else had this experience with a young baby? She has never ''slept through the night'' but she hasn't always woken up so many times at night. She does appear to really be teething--during her awake times she is constantly shoving her own fingers or my fingers in her mouth and she drools a lot. We enjoy sharing a bed with her but I am getting exhausted from her frequent wakings and not being able to soothe her very quickly. Any suggestions? Hope

My daughter started teething at 2 months, and her first two bottom teeth came in on the day she turned four months old. This is usually genetic, and someone else in the family (aunt/uncle, etc.) probably also got teeth early. The good news is that orthodontic work starts earlier -- my daughter was done with braces at 11 years old because all of her adult teeth were in so early. Believe me, it really works out to your benefit to have an early teether. Tooth fairy

Sounds like teething to me! Hands in the mouth.. lots of drooling.. fussier than normal. This is exactly what my little one when through about a month before her little tooth popped through!

The frustrating thing is that there is no way to track the bottom teeth from coming through until you see that little white tooth start to poke at the gums. Nighttime is always the toughest because they don't have other stimuli to distract them from the pain! A few tips:

- During the day, try giving your little one a washcloth with a frozen corner. Not only does it ease the pain, but it helps absorb the drool at the same time :)

- Before bed, if you want a homeopathic remedy, try Hyland's Teething Tablets. Just dissolve 2 under the tongue or in a little bit of milk.

- If homeopathic does not work (it didn't for me at first), Orajel ROCKS. Just a little bit on the bottom gums.. this is a great way to see if it IS teething too. If it calms the baby down, you know that is where the pain is coming from! Seacue

My daughter started acting the same way at 4 months and she was definitely teething. She didn't wake more frequently, but everything went into her mouth and she started howling when she chewed on a hard toy. By 6 months her first two bottom teeth erupted. We went through about 2 months of howling and we put away all of her hard toys for that time. Towards the 6 month mark things got more intense so we gave her Tylenol and it helped alot. You could try giving your baby Tylenol at night and see if she goes back to the 3 hours wakings. If she does, then I bet she is experiencing pain at night from teething. Early Teether's Momma

Amber Teething Necklace?

March 2009

A few of my friends and family have had success (they think; hard to say for sure) with amber teething necklaces for their babies. My daughter is having a terrible time with teething and I've been thinking about getting one (Hyland's tablets don't really cut it for her and I'm reticent to load her up on ibuprofen or similar). My two concerns are these: that she will yank on the necklace or otherwise destroy it and choke on the beads (she's broken a few of my necklaces and she always pulls off hats, socks, etc.; my SIL swears her grabby baby never touches her necklace, though); and this warning that I read on a teething necklace seller's website:

Similar to children\xe2\x80\x99s games that have age recommendations when the items contain small parts, new legislation coming into effect in the US in February, 2009, mandates an age recommendation of 3 years and older for this type of jewelry. This jewelry is not intended for wear on children under 3 years old. (If you do not see this age recommendation on the website of other retailers of this type of jewelry, it does not mean that their jewelry is better suited or safer for young children \xe2\x80\x93 they are simply in violation of US law [Small Parts Regulations].)

What do parents on the list think of these necklaces and of this new legislation? It seems most babies hit the worst of teething way before 3 yrs old, so clearly this law isn't going to help the amber necklace sellers. Thoughts? Advice? Experience (pro or con) with the necklaces? I checked the archives and was surprised not to find anything on this - must be kind of a new fad...I'm really most interested in thoughts specifically on the necklaces as opposed to teething advice in general. Thanks! amber-curious

I have an amber teething necklace for my 6mo and swear by it. My cranky fussy teether went back to his normal sweet self w/in 24 hrs. He started teething at 3 months and got his first 2 teeth at 3 1/2mo. I was hesitant have him injest anything besides breast milk. I have tried the boiron teething water since, but don't think it did anything. The necklace was a great alternative. The necklace has individually knotted beads, so if the necklace breaks only one bead comes off. I have 2 extra tumbled chip necklaces to sell at 13'' for $10 if you are interested- they usually go for more with shipping. My son wears his 24/7- except for bath and massage time, although we put it under a legging on his leg when he sleeps. Sam

I know nothing about amber necklaces, but I did have a strong reaction to the part of your posting where you said that you didn't want to give your teething child ibuprofen. Honestly, I think it's unkind at best, and downright mean at worst, to deny your child pain relievers when she is in pain! If you are worried about ibuprofen, use acetaminophen. Would you deny yourself pain relievers if you had a bad toothache? I'm not saying a kid has to be tanked up on analgesics all the time, but teething HURTS, and if your child seems overly uncomfortable, you might consider treating the pain. Forgive me if I sound too judgemental or if I misunderstood your posting. There is just such a long history of undertreating pain in children (MDs used to believe infants didn't feel pain, didn't need anesthesia for surgery, etc.), and sometimes I think parents are mistakenly too reluctant to give their children medication.

If I understand your question correctly, you are saying that you don't want to give your baby ibuprofen. But you are considering giving her a necklace to chew on that you know could cause her to choke and possibly god forbid even die? (And how cynical is that, marketing necklaces to people for their babies, and then putting a disclaimer warning against it on your website?).

Please give her the ibuprofen when she is in pain. You don't have to ''load her up''. Give her one or two, or whatever your doctor recommends. Millions of teething babies have taken it without harm. It has been tested and proven safe. Please don't make your baby suffer through teething pain, and please don't give her a necklace to chew on that you know she could choke on. Necklaces for babies have been tested and proven fatal! Mom of 3

My son has constantly worn his amber teething necklace since he was 6 months old (including swimming and bathing). He is 22 months and just outgrew it, and is insisting on getting another one (we ordered ours from, and they have both an infant and toddler version). My son is VERY rough, has broken many of my necklaces and yanked on his since he got it. He has also chewed on it, though with supervision (if he got rough with biting it, I would ask him to be gentle and give him something else to chew on). I have been amazed at how well it has held up; we have had no problems. All of the amber beads are individually knotted in, so if it breaks only one bead will come off. I figured that it was so small, he would probably just swallow it if it broke off, and, while not ideal, it wouldn't be the worst thing he'd eat as a child :) As for whether or not it helped teething, I can't say for sure. We got it pretty quickly in the teething game. It is definately soothing to him though. He will often rub the beads as he falls asleep. I certainly don't think it hurt at all. As an aside, I understand they have been traditionally used in Europe for a long time; we often have folks (they seem to usually be from Sweden) remarking on how they saw babies all the time with them ''back home''. And our pediatrician (who is cautious about most things) never said anything other than how cute he was in his necklace. Quite happy with our necklace wearing son

I have amber necklaces for all my kids and feel that they helped them all with their teething pain. I got the first one for my middle son when he was having a really hard time with his teeth coming in. He was probably between 1 and 1.5 when we got his. The necklaces are strong and well made and don't break easily. They are knotted between every bead which makes them much safer as well. We got ours from Nova Naturals and have been very happy with them. If you are worried, wrap it a couple of times around your child's ankle. Jess

We used one; it didn't break, and our kid has broken necklaces before (on herself and others...) Did it help? We THINK so, but we'Re not really sure. kevin

I am confused - can someone explain to me why you would have your child wear an amber necklace (or anklet or whatever) for teething and what the connection is? Is there any evidence at all that these work? confused

Is 14-week-old teething?

July 2007

My 14 week old has gone through some changes lately, and I think she might be exibiting early signs of teething. She's biting and chewing and drooling, but she's also quieted down a lot and is spitting up a lot. The latter two symptoms have me a bit worried. Any thoughts or advice? Should I be worried that she's not talking as much? And is the spitting up normal? She never really spit up before, and now she's doing it after almost every feeding. (We breast feed.) Thanks. Cynthia

My daughter showed teething signs at 3 months and her first came through just short of 4 months so it's possible she's teething but just as possible that she shows the classic teething signs and nothing will come through for 6 months. They rumble a lot before they pop through is my guess. As for the spit-up, no biggie. They go through phases.

the drooling at 3mos is pretty normal, teething wise, even if teeth don't show up until 6 or 7 mos. excessive spitting up/reflux can be from allergies, most frequently to dairy or wheat. did she have any vaccinations right before you noticed the change? this could be a reaction, or an exacerbation of allergies that previously were not so bad as to be noticed.

you may try eliminating dairy and wheat from your diet for a while, up to a month or more, and see if there is a change. you may find a big change rather quickly (days), but it does take a long time for all allergens to be cleared from your systems.

you can look at in their allergy forum for more info about the allergy-reflux connection: signed: mama of refluxy babies.

I actually missed the original question--but the response in this past email caught my eye. My daughter had serious drooling at 3 mos. and was fussy & we all thought she was teething. She also spit up a lot which we were continually reassured was nothing to worry about. She didn't seem to be in pain. In any case massive drooling turns out to be a symptom of reflux--as is spitting up. She started to have a lot of trouble nursing & was finally diagnosed with reflux and so many other problems went away with treatment for that--including all the drool and the drool rash. I don't know if that is helpful, since I can't recall your question--but I hope so. hpf

Can teething babies sleep through the night?

March 2005

My 7-month-old is teething for the second time (her top two teeth are coming through). The first time around, we were co- sleeping, so none of us slept. Now she is in a crib and WAS sleeping well (for about two weeks) until the teething started again. I give her Hylands Teething Tablets before bed at 6:30pm and then when she wakes the first time at 1am. But she still wakes up at least 1 or 2 more times before 6:30am. Should I just resign myself to another couple weeks of broken sleep? Or have any of you had success getting a teething baby to sleep through the night? Does it get better with the later teeth, or is it going to be like this every couple months for the next two years? Still Hoping For Sleep

It is dubious that teething is the cause. Marc Weissbluth (''Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child,'', 2003, p. 293) says flat-out that ''Teething, contrary to popular belief, does not cause night waking.'' It's probably something else that's causing the night waking and the teething is merely coincidental. Anon.

I think it depends on the baby. I have heard of some babies who had no trouble with teething (not mine). Both my children had a horrible time with teething, in terms of sleep and pain. The teething tablets did nothing for them. I'd try a dose of Tylenol or Motrin before bed. We had better results with it. Good luck. BO

Yes, teething babies can sleep through the night! My 22 month twins maintain a daily routine and have never had teething (or anything else for that matter) wake them at night. If you are interested, the routine I follow is from a book called The Contented Little Baby Book, by Gina Ford.

I had the same problem with my 6 month old. But I gave him a pacifier, when I was trying hard not to give him one. With the pacifier he can soothe his gums while he sleeps. Sometimes I hear him squirm & moan a little & I found out it was because the pacifier fell out of his mouth while he slept & he couldn't find it to soothe him. So I put 3 of them in his crib so now he can feel around & find one of them. Shelly

For my kids, teething makes sleeping very difficult. My elder son didn't sleep through the night the entire time he was teething--thankfully he had 16 teeth by 13 months, and we had a few months of blessed sleep before he started his 2 year molars. But once he had those in, as well, sleeping has been wonderful.

One other note--Hyland's teething tablets don't work for every child, as is true for much homeopathy. We also tried Motrin and Tylenol, and they didn't work either.

Looking back, I'm glad I didn't force hte issue. It seems hard when you're in the moment, but looking back, it was such a short period of time. Now he sleeps through the night, every night. And that perspective has given me the ability to do the same with my younger son, now one. I know eventually he'll sleep through the night too, when he's ready. Heather heythere_heather [at]

In my experience, the appearance of teeth was the end of sleeping through the night. At about 5 months, a pattern gets set up where they wake (initailly due to teething pain) and need comfort or nursing to go back to sleep. Teething pain comes and goes until they're two or so, but until you break the wake/comfort pattern (by crying it out), you'll have a night waker. It's very hard to hear your child cry. We tried all the non-cry it out techniques and waited until abt. 9 months when we were both at the edge of sanity, Of course you do what you can for the teething pain. Good luck

I think teething babies can sleep through the night since my 8.5- month old has been doing a pretty good job of it and his two bottom teeth are coming in. He was already sleeping through the night on occasion -- and if not maybe had one waking at around 4 am -- before the teeth started so maybe that helps. I have not noticed that he is experiencing any real pain or discomfort with his teeth coming in so if he fusses at night I usually just let him go back to sleep on his own. We did do some mild sleep training at about 4.5 months and have refreshed it once or twice since after colds, etc. But, in his case at least, teething is not an inhibitor to good sleep. Good luck! mother of sleeping teether

You don't say so in your message--is there a reason that you have not tried Motrin or Tylenol? If you are not opposed to those options, they are worth a try. My teething kids (both of them) could not sleep through the night at all without Motrin.

Teething *hurts.* In my kids, a Motrin dose can lasted up to 6 hours, sometimes 8. Good Luck Donna

In the original post, the parent mentioned that she had given Hyland's Teething Tablets to stop the pain her 7 month old was suffering.

It breaks my heart every time I hear about someone using a homeopathic treatment on a suffering infant when there are so many wonderful products that are safe, effective, and evidence-based.

Homeopathy is to medicine what astrology is to physics. Hylands is making huge profits at the expense of children's health with their sugar tablets (it's the sweet taste that probably is the only effective ingrediant).

You can learn more about homeopathy at the wonderful

I'm sure my comment will upset some flat-earthers but hopefully it will prevent some unsuspecting parent from trying to heal their baby with a product that is 100% marketing and 0% real. anon

Teething HELL!! Literally

Feb 2004

Our 6 month old (and us) is in teething hell. We got through the colic, and had about two months of amazing joy at having him in our lives, then he started pre-teething and things have gotten progressively worse since then. I'm medicating him to the best of my ability, I've tried frozen wash cloths (hates them), orajel on the gums (still has a hard time and the numbness keeps him from nursing well, which is about the only thing that seems to comfort him at all). We went to the doc who checked him out (he's fine) but he's not sleeping, eating, or living well right now. As a result, neither am I or my partner.

We are so tired and totally beside ourselves because we just can't comfort him enough to make him comfortable!! Plus, we're having difficulty seeing the silver lining because we're so so tired. I'm looking for two things: community (stories so I know we're not alone and that give us hope), and information - will he go through this for all his teeth? what kind of long-term situation are we dealing with? He's hurting, and it kills us. The fact that we are hurting too makes it all the more difficult to help him. Help! Jen

All I can say is my son also goes through teething h*ll, and it often seems to take place when there is movement under the gums, not necessarily when the teeth are cutting through. Therefore, the Hylands Gel and cold cloths seem less helpful to him. We use a lot of the Natra-Bio homeopathic teething relief, and I swear it helps, but use it liberally and often when your baby is suffering. Also, at night, if he's really struggling, we use Infant Tylenol before bedtime. I need to hold him a lot and nurse, nurse, nurse! alliso

You didn't say what you've tried besides Orajel. Have you tried the homeopathic teething tablets and/or gel? They can be given frequently with no side effects. There are single homeopathic remedies, too: belladonna 30C and camillia 30C, available at most health food store in small blue tubes (crush 2 pellets between 2 spoons, let baby lick it off the spoon -- no food for 15 minutes before or after the remedy). Also, infant Advil/Motrin can help at night. Frozen bagels help some babies during the day. My baby likes chewing on a pacifier (not sucking). It is hard, but it will get better. Sounds like there are several teeth coming in at once. Jennifer R

I feel for you, believe me. We had similar problems with the teething. Have you tried baby motrin? That really seemed to do the trick for our baby and it lasts up to 8 hours so you might actually get some sleep. I found the motrin more effective than baby tylenol -- I think because Motrin actually blocks the pain signal to the brain where Tylenol just increases the pain threshold (or so I have been told). Good luck! anon

You didn't mention using Motrin or Tylenol. That's what we give to our son when he is teething and it seems to work well. Our doctor believes that children are way under medicated for teething. Anyway, if you haven't tried it, pick up some children's Motrin and see if it helps. anon

We have been through it and it does get better. But when you are in the middle of it it feels like it will last forever. Our son started teething around 1 month old. He didn't sleep for more than 2 -3 hours in a row for the first 7/8 months. I to was not only totally exhausted but absolutely this what parenting was about? It was not at all what I imagined. He was also extremely fussy. I don't really have much advice on how to help your son through it because nothing really seemed to work for our son. It seemed to get better as he got more teeth...until the molars started coming in and then it really bad for awhile. I am sure other people will have some advice for you but i just wanted to say you are not alone, he will get through it and it will hopefully get better soon. anon

One thing that really helped when my son was teething was this vibrating teething toy my mom found. It had a nubby texture and would vibrate whenever he bit down on it. I also had good luck w/ the homeopathic teething tablets. Don't forget Tylenol when all else fails. When they are in pain, they need some relief. Chances are the rest of the teeth won't bother your baby as much. This too will soon pass! Been There

Tricks for teething 3-month-old?

Jan 2002

apparently, it runs in the family. she spits out the homeopathic teething tablets dissolved in water. is it safe to pop the tablets directly in her mouth? any other advice? we've tried the frozen washcloth. i don't want her first year of life to be cherry flavored (tylenol)! Madeleine

I have a 5 month-old son and I have been using the teething tablets. I put them directly in his mouth, either under his tongue or in his cheek. I usually use my finger to hold them in place until they dissolve. They dissolve very fast and my son doesn't seem to mind the taste. Sometimes I nurse him immediately after giving them to him. That way I know he's swallowed them. But it's not really necessary. Good luck! Aimee

My baby started teething at 3 months too. He liked chewing on a wet baby washcloth, either plain or filled with a few ice chips. Ginger

My little guy started getting his teeth at 3 months also. I used a different homeopathic remedy that worked wonders: Camilia by Boiron. It is a liquid that comes in individual tubes that are squeezed into the baby's mouth. Sharon

Baby is getting big molars, is miserable

Jan 2005

I am wondering if anyone has any advice about teething? My baby is getting some big molars and is miserable -- his parents are too as he's keeping us up half the night. We give him advil every night (seems to do no good), we've tried homeopathic tablets (they might help a little), but I'm reluctant to try the gum gels. He's been really fussy for about 10 days now and I can see them coming in...Actually, there's only one coming in. Will every molar be a nightmare for us both to endure? Or do they get used to the pain of the next ones that have to come in? And after they come i n, is it hard to get babies to return to their previous sleep patterns? He was sleeping almost through the night (finally!) and now is up every 2-3 hours again, wanting to breastfeed for 45 minutes each time... When will I sleep?

We used a dose of baby tylenol before bed each night and it helped our daughter. And, no, the teething pain isn't less for the 2nd molar. Poor kids! Good luck JM

Where can I buy teething toys made of wood?

June 2003

Where can I buy good-quality wooden teething toys? I have seen some nice ones at the Ecobaby website but am hoping there's somewhere local I could go (saves on shipping and gets me out of the house!) Thanks! Sara

On 4th St. there is a store called ''The Ark'' and you will find more than one wooden teething toys. amy

I think The Ark on Fourth St. in Berkeley has wooden teethers. I think I might have seen them on Shattuck Ave. (at Virginia) in Berkeley at a kid's store too, used to be Pickles and Icecream now called Waddle and Swaddle (?) or something like that. It might also be worth a call to Rockridge Kids. SW

A cute store that carries wooden teethers is Five Little Monkies on Solano Ave. in Albany. They are about $7-$12. Some are the same brands that Ecobaby has. Melissa

Alternatives to motrin for teething

Aug 2004

while we were on holiday for two weeks, my 10-month old daughter was teething & seemed to have alot of pain, so i was giving her motrin most nights before she went to bed. she's not a great sleeper (bed at 7:30, then up at 3, or sometimes 2 or sometimes midnight, and then up again at 4 or 5), so i give her the motrin in hopes that she'll stay asleep till at least 3. but now we're home, & since the teething pain will doubtless persist, i'm getting worried about giving her too much motrin. most nights it was just at bedtime, but sometimes i'd dose her again after 6 or 8 hours. any ideas for other ways to relieve gum pain at night (or thoughts on how much infant motrin is too much)? tired mom

CLOVE OIL!!! It is an essential oil that is good to numb all teeth pain...It's sort of like Ambesol only super strength. It will sting for a minute but its great for hours after topical application. Wanda

We used Boiron brand homeopathy tablets, pure chammomile. Worked like a charm, and no nasty chemicals or food coloring to boot. Anon.

Wow! When I read your about your dilemma, I was compelled to write you a response. In my practice, and with my own child, I suggest Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets. They can be found at a Whole Foods or a health food Coop, easily. Follow directions as to the age vs ! dosage amounts. Frozen bagels are excellent for babies to ''chew'' on to relieve teething symptoms temporarily. I found the homeopathic tablets worked extremely well for us, and for my clients. To your health and sanity! Samantha

Hi, My heart goes out to you, my daughter was a horrible teether, and I went through the same feelings of guilt and worry with the motrin - I tried everything, homeopathic tablets, cold rags, ora-gel, etc. etc. etc.. But, it seemed like the only thing that would help her was the motrin - (not even tylenol seemed to touch her pain), so I had to just bite the bullet, and give her the motin so she wouldn't be so miserable, and she's had no backlash or negative effects from this, (sometimes I would have to give her motrin for! like 6 -7 nights in a row)!! Anyway, point is, she's fine despite having to give her motrin. Although now, I would concider doing acupuncture or something like it, (they don't actually use needles on little kids), but my acupuncturist is wonderful, and she's really great with kids, (she has 2 grown children of her own, and really knows about alternative treatments), her name is Sidney Walker, and her # is 510-540-5908... good luck! jen

Run, do not walk, to your nearest health food store and ask for Hyland's teething tablets. These are a perfectly natural homeopathic remedy for teething. I used them with both of my kids and they work remarkably well without the use of drugs. If my child was having a particularly difficult day or eve, I supplemented with a little tylenol, but only needed to on a few occassions. (Note: homeopathic rememdies are NOT herbs and are perfectly safe.) I would really worry about using Motrin on a regular basis- it's hard on the liver even for adults. Good luck! A mom who needs her sleep!

When we notice the teething thing starting (swollen gums, extra drool), we immediately start giving Hylands teething tablets to our 14 mth son. We give them for a few days and it really seems to make a difference. It is a natural tablet and it seems to us, that it takes the edge off (even when he was teething 6 teeth at once). You can buy them at any grocery or drug store. Good luck. DiAnn

I got very good relief using over-the-counter homeopathic remedies for teething pain. In particular a blend in liquid form with the brand name ''Camilia'' gave very fast relief. You could also experiment with single ingredient remedies, such as Arnica or Chamomila. Good luck! meg_

I also have a daughter who was/is very much affected by teething pain. She sometimes would wake up every hour all night long. When her first molar came in, I used Motrin for something like 3 weeks in a row. I only used it at night, and sometimes twice at night. I felt weird about giving her so much, but it definitely seemed to ease her pain and she'd sleep longer. I had a toothache recently that woke me up at night, and I can understand the need to medicate! I tried Hyland's teething tablets too, with some success. I discovered another homeopathic teething tablet called ''Humphreys.'' At first I was nervous to try it, because it doesn't dissolve as quickly as the Hyland's, but I think the fact that my daughter had to suck on it for a little bit was part of the reason it was successful. It sort of got her little mouth busy on something, and she'd calm down. There are times she has woken up crying, and I give her the tablets and she immediately falls back asleep. Miraculous! I also have had the same reaction to using Orajel nighttime gel. I have put it on her gums and she has immediately settled herself. I haven't had a ton of luck finding Humphreys teething tablets, though. The only place I have found them is at the Target in Union City. I have been to other Targets, but they didn't carry it. I seriously LOVE those ta! blets and stock up on them any time I'm in Union City. They are non-prescription, but the pharamacy has it behind the counter. Good luck. I feel your pain (and your daughter's!)

I didn't see your original posting, and maybe you addressed this, but my thought is, what's wrong with motrin? I have never heard of any baby having trouble with it. At least it is regulated so you know what's in it, and there have been safety studies, unlike the (most likely harmless) homeopathic tablets. Is there some danger with it that I am not aware of? I say, don't feel guilty about treating your child's pain. Shannon

Hyland's Teething Tablets?

June 2004

I checked the archives and there wasn't any information about experiences with Hylands Teething Tablets and Gel. Has anyone done any research? What's in the them? Do they work? Infant Motrin and OraGel has worked fine and is a good tool to have but I'd also like a homeopathic option if it has less of a systemic impact on infants. My babies are 7 months old, if that matters. Thanks, Rachel

We've been using the Hyland's teething tablets and consider them a real lifesaver. Usually within 5 minutes or so our baby shows relief. They were recommended by our pediatrician. weslake

We have found that Boiron company makes a homeopathic teething remedy that works better than the gel or tablets. It's called ''Camilia''. It comes in a box and contains about twenty or so little plastic vials. So the solution is in liquid form. It's more expensive than the other stuff. At our health food store it's about $10 a box. It just seems to be better quality than anything else. We have used the Hyland's gel before mealtime when teething is particularly nasty just to help our daughter get through the meal. Our pediatrician doesn't recommend the Baby Oragel be/c she says they don't know what's in it. Monika

I have used the Highland's colic tablets for my son since he was 4 months old. They worked great. He would stop crying after about 15 minutes. I usually would only need to give him 4 or 6 tablets a day several times a month. Not all the time. That was the only thing that worked for him. The drug store gas drops did nothing for him. I just recently picked up the Hylands teething tablets and the gel. He let me apply the Hylands gel whereas he would not let me apply the benzocaine gel. I am not sure if it helped him or not but he did seem calmer later on. I use the products sparingly so I am not concerned. I would definitely recommend that you try it. Yes to Hylands.

You'd be surprised what's in them. Are you OK with giving caffeine and belladonna to your teething baby? Homeopathic remedies use small amounts, but these over-the-counter tablets are not regulated the way Motrin or Tylenol are, so you do need to have a lot of trust they've been mixed correctly using the compounds they say are in there.

Here is the PDR Drug information for HYLAND'S TEETHING TABLETS (manufactured by Standard Homeopathic)
From the online PDR:
Active Ingredients: Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium Phosphate) 3X HPUS Chamomilla (Chamomile) 3X HPUS Coffea Cruda (Coffee) 3X HPUS Belladonna 3X HPUS (Alkaloids 0.0003%). Inactive Ingredients: Lactose N.F.

Calcium phosphate can be found in some cosmetic products, as well as many industrial chemicals and cements. It is poisonous in large doses. (google for more information)

Chamomile is derived from a plant, either Anthemus nobilis or Matricaria recutita. It has long been used for its sedative effects. Since it is a member of the diasy family, anyone allergic to this family, such as ragweed, should not use it. (for more info see

Coffea Cruda is unroasted coffee (i.e., caffeine)

Belladonna is the Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna). It is one of the most toxic plants to be found in the Western hemisphere. Children have been poisoned by as few as three of the berries, and a small leaf thoroughly chewed can be a fatal dose for an adult. The root, however, is often the most toxic part, though this can vary from one specimen to another. ( Atropine, used to dilate pupils, comes from belladonna.


Homeopathic teething tablets - are they safe?

May 2003

My son 7 months old was fussy and didn't sleep at all last night. So, I tried Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets on him. After few minutes, he calmed down and driffted off to dream!!!! It was almost too good to be true. So, I went on to search for some reviews on the product. Most of them say good things but one thing said Belladonna that is one of the formula of this product is poison. Does anyone know if this is safe for a baby or not? Thank you in advance shoko

Both of my kids used them through teething and they are both fine. I think that anything in excess is a problem but hylands is a well known company and I don't think there is any issue of ''overdosing'' on belladonna when using their products.

I too used the Hyland's Teething Tablets and had concerns about the Belladonna listed in the ingredients. As I understand, it is only a poison in large quantities. Since your child was soothed so quickly, my advice would be to not rely TOO much (or TOO often) on the Hyland's tablets - only using them as a last resort. Try a pacifier placed in the freezer for a bit, frozen blueberries, teething rings, etc during the day - and the tablets when the going gets really tough in the evenings or at night. Best to you. The teeth come and this too passes!! Been there...

I had the same experience when my son was about your son's age, and I researched it before giving it to him. Belladonna is poisonous in large quantities, but as it turns out, in small quantities it's literally used to reduce swelling in the gums! Hyland's tablets also have chamomile, which can also make you sleepy. The tablets only put my son to sleep the first time I used them, so I figured that it wasn't so much the ingredients in them as it was the relief he felt from not being in pain anymore, and being exhausted from crying and fussing, he just passed out. If you're really concerned about the belladonna, though, Boiron tablets only have chamomille in them, and I found them to be even more effective than the Hyland's, so you could switch to those. Jill

Homeopathic belladonna is NOT poisonous! Belladonna the plant is known as deadly nightshade I think due to poisonous roots (someone else will write in the details I suspect), but this part definitely is not related to the remedy. Homeopathic belladonna singly is one of the most commonly used remedies and safe for babies as well. My friend's son got into a bottle of hyland's teething tabs when he was 2 and he had gobbled half the tabs in the bottle before she saw. She called both poison control and a naturopath but as it turned out she did not need to bring him to the emergency room and there were no ill effects (but of course it's not a good idea to let them have too many.) I have been very greatful for teething tabs and glad to hear they are helpful your teething babe! (Sometimes I put homeopathic teething gel onto my toddler's toothbrush; she loves it cuz it feels like she's getting lots of toothpaste like the grownups and then she rests peacefully half an hour later!) A Beautiful Lady

While the substances used in homeopathic remedies are often toxic in physiologic amounts, when they are used homeopathically they are in amounts that are often sub-molecular. Homeopathy is an energetic medicine, meaning that it is the energy of the substances (belladonna) that interacts with the energy of the body (the ''vital force'') to have a healing effect. Because of the miniscule (some would say non-existent) amounts of medicine, there is virtually no toxicity associated with homeopathy, even when an entire bottle is used at once (as my 10 year old once did many years ago). Homeopathy is one of the more difficult forms of medicine to understand and explain, but also one of the most powerful. A good, easy to read book on the subject is Everybodys Guide to Homeopathic Medicine, by Dana Ullman (who lives in Berkeley). Even just looking at the first few pages may clear things up for you. Tara drtarand

Belladonna is indeed a very powerful poison. It is not true that only the root is poisonous - it has a very long history of being fatal when the leaves, berries, or root are ingested in large enough amounts. For example, three berries from the plant are said to be enough to kill a child. You can confirm this for yourself by doing a google search, and then reading the pages that are not supporting its use in homeopathic mixes. The homeopathic teething tablets also contain caffeine, or at least the Hyland's tablets do. The homeopathic remedies claim that since they use only a small amount, they are not harmful. However since these tablets & gels are not regulated, you have no guarantee what's in them, or in what amount. You are just going on faith. Why take the chance on unregulated amounts of harmful substances when your child can get pain relief from meds like Motrin that are proven to be safe and whose preparation is monitored by the FDA?
not giving my baby belladonna or caffeine

Too much Tylenol for teething?

Sept 2002

My 7 month old is having a terrible time with his top teeth coming in, and the only thing that really really works well is Tylenol. My husband and I are concerned about using it too much, however, because I know that it is not so good for the body. I don't like having to give it to him every day, but nothing else that I've tried, and believe me, I've tried everything else! has worked even remotely as well, and he's in SO much pain. I know that the doctors say every 4 hours ''as needed for pain'' but that just seems like too much to me. How much Tylenol is too much Tylenol? Thanks! Jill

It's my understanding ibuprofen (Advil) isn't as toxic as Tylenol, and you don't need to give it as often (6-8 hrs. instead of every four). You might want to try it. Fran

Too much Tylenol can be deadly: I can't tell you specifically how much Tylenol is the right amount, but you are very right to be concerned about giving too much.

Several years ago, Sixty Minutes did a story about several families who had given their preschool-aged children Tylenol over a period of many days to ease the symptoms of the flu. What the parents did not know was that they were poisoning their children, one of whom died from complications of Tyleonol poisoning. The problem was that the parents were following their children's doctor's advice on the dosage, but they were giving their preschoolers the infant formula, which is more concentrated than the children's formula. So, unwittingly, they were overdosing their children. At that time, the concentration was not indicated on the label.

Since that expose, the Tylonol packages are much more carefully labelled. But it is really important to follow your physician's counsel on the exact dosage needed and don't go even a tiny bit over it. I must admit that I used to ''top off'' (add a tiny bit over) on my daughter's meds (stupidly thinking that a little bit more might help), but not any more! Linda

If you can really isolate what is causing your child discomfort and pain to the teething, then by all means give Tylenol in the amounts recommended by the pediatrician or nurse. My own philosophy is don't let your child be in pain when he/she doesn't have to be, and if Tylenol is the only thing you've found to work, use it. The maximum dosage in a 24-hour period is written on the label. Obviously don't exceed that, but sometimes having no pain for a full day by giving Tylenol throughout the day is better than giving the dosage out sparingly and having the pain continue to return (hospital studies on adult patients have shown that less pain medication is actually needed to control pain if the pain medication does not wear off entirely between doses). Another thing I just learned: My son's first molar just came through and that was really painful for him. He even ran a 101 degree fever. Over the phone and cognizant of all the symptoms, the pediatrician recommended also giving Infant Motrin -- saying it worked faster, sometimes helped teething pain better, lasted somehwat longer, and could be alternated with the Tylenol dosage if his fever came back before the next recommended dosage time. My baby responded to Motrin by feeling much much better and having his fever go down to normal. One other issue you might be concerned about: You did not mention how many days in a row your baby has teething pain. My son usually only needs Tylenol or Motrin for a day or two per tooth just before or just as the tooth is breaking through the gums, a lenght of time which to me does not seem to be over medicating or causing concern for any long-term medicating danger. Too many consecutive days of medication might be worrisome, however, and worth a check with your doctor. One more note: Have you seen the ''baby signing'' video of the 1 to 2 year old signing that she had tooth pain and specifically asking for medicine ? (you can see it at So think of it this way: if Tylenol helps your baby's tooth pain and your baby could ask you for it, your baby probably would ! kb

I've always understood that it's nearly impossible to take a dangerous overdose of Tylenol. But, that said, have you tried ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin)? It often is more effective for teething, and each dose lasts 6-8 hours instead of 4 -- which is especially nice for nighttime! Holly

I have heard from a number of moms (one from her pediatrician) that you can alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain related to fever, colds, ear infections or teething - giving your child one and then the other every 2-4 hours. I also hate to overmedicate but when the pain is so intense, it seems mean to let them suffer through it. I look at it like ''Would I take Tylenol for this for myself?'' and the answer is usually yes. Your baby won't be teething forever - though it feels like it now - so I think it's better to make them comfortable at the time, knowing that you won't give them medication for every little scrape and bump. Double check with your pediatrician if you feel uncomfortable with this advice. Good Luck, a toddler's mama

The package says every 4-6 hours as needed, and that's safe, even every day, if your son needs it. When the teething pain passes, and it will, he won't need it anymore. This is what Baby Tylenol is for. It's not like he'll be on it for an extended period of time; if he's in pain, and it works for him, give it to him!

Under the advice of our pediatrician, I even gave our daughter Advil on top of the Tylenol a few times, when she was in so much pain that the Tylenol didn't seem like enough, as he explained that they come from different ''drug families'', and you can give them together. Your husband's concern is well-intentioned; but Tylenol is SAFE when you give it according to the package instructions. Ahhh, the miracle of modern's here; use it! Heidi

My child (now 20 months) also suffered from really painful teething. It was agonizing to watch him in so much pain and he refused virtually all the plastic teethers, partially frozen rags, cold hard carrot slices, etc. You name it, we tried it, multiple times. We tried all the homeopathic remedies, too. In the end, I accepted that ibuprofen and tylenol were the only things that really helped his pain and I gave them to him as needed. My doctor said that 3 or 4 days of round-the-clock dosing would not overload his liver. I don't know if she meant that even longer would be okay or not. My son got relief and was able to enjoy his baby life with dosing on schedule during the day and a final dose of ibuprofen before bed (the ibuprofen lasts 6 hours). You can get big bottles of them cheaply at Costco. Usually I used just the ibuprofen, as it lasts longer. On rare occasions, and never for more than a couple doses, he was on ibuprofen and tylenol simultaneously. I wouldn't have done this if I had found anything else that helped him, but I really tried hard, and this was it. Anomymous