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Where to buy handmade baby blankets?

March 2009

So sad that ''A Child's Place'' closed. I always bought wonderful handmade baby blankets there that I gave as baby shower gifts. The store carried these very nicely made flannel blankets (with different patterns on each side) that were created by a woman. I think that the person/company is located in Berkeley. The blankets were tired with a ribbon that held a card with the company/person's name. Sure hope that is enough of a description so that someone can identify the person/company that makes them. I need a baby shower gift by May. Thanks. Looking for a blankie

The shop in the Pinole Senior Center has beautiful handknit baby blankets and clothes. Pricing is very low for such high quality too. Love the Senior Center

Hi ''Looking for a blankie,'' I've still got the card under my keyboard. My baby blanket was made by Connie, over FOUR years ago, we still use it! ''Connie's Baby Creations 3 Piece Blanket Sets Special Orders Welcome Caller ID: *82 (510) 581-2589'' Hope this helps find the right blankie for you. Love my blankie

Fabric for baby blanket?

June 2004

I would like to make a blanket for my baby, similar to the one a friend made for my now 5 year old. I checked Beverly's fabrics in Alameda but they didn't have any regular blanket material, just fleece. The flannel was very thin and only 1-sided. Does anyone know where I could get a piece of soft blanket material in a kid- friendly print? Thanks! Frances

Well, all flannel is one sided. You'd need to get two pieces of flannel and sew them together. That being said, this isn't really flannel season, which is probably why you struck out at Beverly's. There are several quilting stores that I would recommend. The best selection is at ThimbleCreek in Walnut Creek, near Broadway Plaza. Also, The Cotton Patch in Lafayette is good. New Pieces on Solano might have a small selection. If you want to look on-line, try or Hancocks of Paducha (not sure of the spelling, it). Good luck. Jennifer

New Pieces (on Solano in Albany) has cute printed flannel. You could also cut up a heavy flannel sheet. R.K.