Adopting a Toddler

Archived Q&A and Reviews

December 2003

Hello -- I wonder if there's anyone out there who has had the experience of adopting a toddler into a family that currently has a toddler? To clarify: I'm adopting a 2 year old and have a biological child who is 2.9 years old. I'm very nervous about it and would love to hear others' experiences/advice. Also, does anyone have the email/phone number to the Bay Area Guatemalan adopted children's group/network? I forgot to write it down when it was posted some months ago. Many Thanks!! Christine

Yes! We have a 3 1/2 year old son (adopted at 16 months), an almost 24 month old daughter (adopted 6 weeks ago), and have unexpectedly just started the process to adopt the 23 month old birth brother of our son. All in all, our children are done/are doing wonderfully! Please feel free to email me off list so we can chat more about this. Lisa