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Good Kids Books for Chinese Adoptee

Sept 2007

Hi, My cousin is about to adopt a 15 month old boy from China and I was hoping to get recommendations for good books that might show pictures of Asian children (boys would be great!) with Caucasian parents or any other books you can recommend. Board books would obviously be best but anything that fits the bill would be wonderful. Thanks! Susan

There is a great book called Motherbridge of Love which acknowledges both the birth mother (Chinese) and adoptive mother (anglo). It's written for pretty young kids and not factual, more poetic. It is a girl main character however. Picture Book Fan

Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies by Ann Turner, about a boy adopted from an orphanage in Southeast Asia. When my kids were younger I would read this book to them, modifying the details somewhat to reflect their own adoption stories. Now that they are 5 and 7, they enjoy the book as written. It's safe and comforting, but can also be a jumping off point for further discussion. Lisa

I'm adoptive mom of a Chinese girl... unfortunately, a lot of kids' Chinese adoption books are geared to girls. However, a couple of suggestions for a boy. Two classic books, ''Are You My Mother'' and ''Corduroy'' are great for adopted kids (my daughter loves both). ''Over the Moon'' is a wonderful adoption picture book that is more gender neutral, though it is not China-specific. You might want to check out the China Sprout website, which has a very comprehensive selection of books for kids adopted from China.

Books for kids about Surrogate Adoption

March 2003

I've been looking unsuccessfully for children's books that deal with surrogate pregnancy/adoption, i.e., something that can be used to start a discussion with a child who is the product of a surrogate pregnancy. I'd ideally like something suitable for a child in the 3-4 age range but I'd be happy for any suggestions. Thanks!

Call Pact, an Adoption Alliance. They publish a booksource on books on all aspects of adoption and families. They will be able to give you recommendations and feed backs on books. Their phone number: 510 243-9460

Adoptive Mom

Adoption Life Book

All this talk of adoptions, and then I saw this website on making an Adoption Life Book for your adopted child...I think this is such a great idea, and a great site to explain it and thought I'd pass it along. International Adoption Beginning a Life Book... -- Molly (6/99)