2002 Nanny Survey: Questions

Notes added in June 2021: This survey was hand-coded and required respondents to provide their email address so their subscriber status could be verified.  It received 202 responses.

We know there are male nannies, but we've used feminine pronouns for convenience.

We define "nanny" to be someone who provides childcare on a regular basis in your home or in the home of some other child she cares for.

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1. How did you find your current nanny? 

2. How long has your nanny cared for your child? 

3. How many years experience does your nanny have as a paid childcare provider? 

4. How many hours per week is your child cared for by this nanny? 

5. Do you share your caregiver with one or more other families? 
yes no

6. Does your nanny bring her own child with her? 
yes no sometimes

7. What is the maximum number of children your nanny cares for at any given time, including her own child (if present)? 

8. Where does the childcare usually take place? 

9. What is the total amount your nanny charges per hour? If she cares for more than one child at a time, please show the total paid by all parents, not just your share.
 when she is caring for 

10. How many holidays per year is your nanny paid for? 
none all of my work holidays some of my work holidays

11. How many personal vacation days per year is your nanny paid for? 

12. How many days per year is your nanny paid when she or a family member is sick? 

13. Do you pay your nanny when you are away or don't need care on your regular nanny day? 

14. Does your nanny usually provide other services besides childcare? check all that apply. 
does light housekeeping (child's laundry..etc) 
does housework 
makes dinner for the family 
has a car and will drive my child/ren 

15. Does your nanny speak your native language 

16. Do you speak the nanny's native language 

17. What language does your nanny speak to your child? 

18. Do you withhold tax, social security, other withholdings? 
yes no

19. Do you pay for your nanny's medical insurance? 
yes no

20. Do you pay your nanny an additional allowance for meals or transportation? 
yes no

21. Does your nanny require payment in cash? 
yes no

22. Do you take the childcare deduction on your income tax or use pre-tax withholding for childcare? 
yes no

23. Do you and your nanny have a written contract? 
yes no

24. How does your nanny get to work? 

25. Did you require your nanny to have (check all that apply) ... 
CPR training 
California Drivers License 
legal work status 
language proficiency at a specific level 
references from previous clients 
educational background in child development 

26. Where do you live? 

Any parting comments? Comments are confidential.