Writing tutor with experience and references -- high school: essays & applications

Humanities, Writing, AP Test Prep

I am a young, motivated Stanford alum (BA English with Honors, MS Management Science & Eng) that recently moved into education after 5 years in tech. I currently work at Oakland International High School as an Instructional Assistant in English classes and in daily after-school tutoring. I am pursuing an English teaching credential through Reach Institute, a new, Oakland-based credentialing program that has been one of the most rigorous and applicable academic experiences of my life. I've excelled as a writer in academic and business worlds, and helping friends and coworkers with writing of all sorts has always been a hobby of mine.

I would like to add one more client for next semester. I currently have one client who attends Aethenian and whose mother can provide a reference for my work.

Region Served: 
East Bay
High school
alyssabaldocchi [at] gmail.com