Whizara’s Live Online AP Computer Science A Classes

Computer Science

Whizara’s AP Computer Science A program offers a rigorous learning path for students aspiring to take the AP CS exam. The year-long course covers object-oriented programming, and basic search and sort algorithms including practice problems and quizzes.

Why opt for Whizara’s AP Computer Science classes:

  • Live online classes led by elite instructors passionate about teaching programming
  • Superior quality content crafted by teachers, tech enthusiasts, and computer scientists
  • Homeworks and fun asynchronous activities in addition to live online sessions
  • Personalized education through one-on-one tutoring and flexible timing

These classes enable the student to master the core concepts covered in AP Computer Science. It builds a solid understanding of programming as well as fluency in the Java programming language.

Enroll here to experience the magic of preparing for the AP CS exam with Whizara. Students who want to learn Java but do not intend to take the AP CS exam should enroll in our Java programming course here.

Region Served: 
East Bay, North Bay, San Francisco, South Bay
Middle school, High school
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