Violin lessons to fit your needs - experienced in teaching online

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Do you want your child to have a good musical foundation and increased self-confidence? 

In violin lessons we learn to…

  • Hold the violin comfortably
  • Develop accurate pitch and rhythm
  • Understand music theory
  • Get the most out of practice time
  • Enjoy making music

I am happy to accommodate your child's learning style and particular interests. I can also help with music theory, ear training, and singing in tune. 

Have you been wanting to try the violin yourself? I welcome adults as well.

I have an M.M. from Cincinnati Conservatory, a PhD from UC Berkeley, and years of teaching and performing experience. Learn more about my background and approach.

merav [at] (subject: violin%20lessons) (C)merav [at] (subject: Violin%20lessons%20BPN) (ontact me) to talk about what you’re looking for, or to schedule a trial lesson. I look forward to hearing from you!

Region Served: 
East Bay, Lamorinda
Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Merav Singer
merav [at]