Algebra, Math K-8, Physics, Spanish

I was born and raised in Colombia, where I received a bachelor’s degree in physics and engineering. I worked as a teacher’s assistant, research assistant, and researcher for The National University of Colombia. I have danced since I was nine years old. I know the basics of break dance, belly dance, hip-hop, merengue,  and Colombian salsa. I taught science, Spanish, and grace-and-courtesy in Montessori Schools for two years. I have taken several classes in psychology and early childhood education, leadership in education, and school operations and administration. I strongly believe that each individual has the inner gift to help transform and empower a society that doesn’t always offer the best role models. . I believe that by providing better opportunities for education and work we can certainly make a positive impact on individuals in our communities.

I have taught math from Algebra 1 to Precalculus, Physics, and Spanish from beginning Spanish to AP (Advance placement). I am also a  Latin Dance, Strong by Zumba  and PIYO teacher. I understand how body movement  and physical health contribute to students’ emotional, mental and physical health. 

Each person has unique talents and skills. My goal is to provide opportunities for learning.

Region Served: 
East Bay
Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Paula Ospina
paulateaches153 [at] gmail.com