Spanish native teacher: oral, writing, grammatical, musical and cultural skills!

Humanities, Reading & Comprehension, Writing All Ages, College Essay Coaching, Homework Coaching, Organizational & Study Skills, Spanish, Other Languages, Bass, Guitar, Saxophone, Ukulele, Voice

Hi everyone,

I'm a Spanish music and journalism teacher at the CEU San Pablo University (Madrid). I'm here at UC Berkeley as a Visiting Scholar to finish my Ph.D.
I can help your kids to improve their Spanish oral, writing, grammatical, musical, and cultural skills. I can help with homework or other projects. I love to mix deep learning with fun, training in real-life situations that can be useful for social interactions and academic life.

I love humanities and music and I have broad experience teaching children of all ages. I live in Central Berkeley, so around the neighborhood the price of a class will be: 80$/h.

¡Nos vemos!

Region Served: 
East Bay, Marin, San Francisco
Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Mateu Terrasa Rico
mtr994 [at]
+34 664777465