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I am offering online Drawing and Comics classes for kids.  At the moment, I am teaching Drawing classes for ages 6-9 on Mondays and Wednesdays and for ages 9-12 on Wednesdays. I am running a comics group twice a week but it's a closed group because it follows a curriculum (the drawing classes are one-off lessons, so they don't require regular attendance). Please get in touch if you have a kid that is interested in the comics group! I only need a few kids to enroll to get a new group going! I can easily add more days/classes if there is interest, so please get in touch if you are looking for something specific that you don't see offered.  The classes I am currently offering are based on what parents have requested. For example, I have a lot of experience working with teenagers but have not been contacted by any parents of that age group, so I don't have any classes for teenagers available yet. My classes are pretty much limited to the subjects of Drawing and Comics, though.

Classes are $15 per one-hour session. All booking, scheduling and class info is available on my website:

If you'd like some more info about me personally, and my work, you can check out my website:

Questions/comments/concerns: Contact me directly: ohyesverynice [at]

Thank you!  

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