Multi-Subject Humanities and Language Tutor for Middle and High School Students

History, Humanities, Reading & Comprehension, Writing All Ages, College Admissions Advising, College Essay Coaching, Homework Coaching, Organizational & Study Skills, Arabic, French

Most school-designers make schools for certain types of learners. These are students who flourish taking notes from lectures and the board, sitting at desks, and designing study plans for themselves. Even if your student is good at some or all of these ways of learning, a teacher can be a poor fit with your student, your student can have a busy schedule, or other activities can simply be more interesting--any number of factors can get in the way of them learning well in their classroom environment.

I emphasize studying in bite-sized chunks consistently over the school year. Each time students settle into homework, they are studying for exams. I work together with my students to come up with what study techniques are best for them in the long run. I often spend the first session assessing a student’s learning style and making a trial plan of study. We often revisit this plan and make changes to it as needed. For instance, if a student is a more kinetic or tactile learner who is struggling in French class, we drill verb conjugations tossing a ball back and forth.

I tutor French (up to third year), Modern Standard Arabic (first and second year), writing, history, and social studies.


Region Served: 
East Bay
Middle school, High school
Tutor Lareesa
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