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Hello! My name is Max (website) and I tutor 8th grade math, Algebra I, Algebra II (Trig), and PreCalc. I earned my M.A. through the Stanford Teacher Education Program. I taught high school math for five years, most recently at Jewish Community High School in SF, and before that at Sequoia High School in Redwood City.

My #1 belief is that math should make sense. It is not a list of arbitrary rules and procedures to memorize. When kids can explain why the math make sense, they feel more confident -- ­­not at the mercy of the Math Gods ­­-- and they are better equipped to solve unfamiliar problems. I love to have students unpack a problem in multiple ways. How do the graph, table, and equation all connect to each other? Can we arrive at the same answer in more than one way? When students see how different ideas and representations are all connected, the learning sinks in more deeply.

One­-on-­one teaching is powerful. The student and I build a relationship of trust. I place them in the Goldilocks zone of their current math skills. I pay close attention to their cognitive and emotional habits, and I offer praise and suggestions. A struggling student can regain their confidence. A higher-­achieving student can feel challenged again. Often, tutoring is a game changer. Let's talk if you're interested!

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