Math Tutor/Teacher, specializing in confidence building

Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Math K-8


I have a BA in mathematics from Mills College and am currently teaching in Oakland. I've been tutoring middle, high school, and college math for about eight years now. So often, students or parents reach out to me saying that they've always done well in math, but this one class is especially challenging and they need support. When I meet with these students, I find that a huge component of their challenges is a lack of confidence in their abilities. This "I can't do it, I'm just bad at math" attitude is often reflected by parents, other teachers, and society at large, making it hard for students of any age to break out of that mindset. I strongly believe that absolutely anyone (yes, really! anyone!) can learn math, and I am passionate about guiding students to their own personal lightbulb moments about math.

I have experience teaching and tutoring pre-algebra, algebra I & II, geometry, and calculus. If your student needs support in any of these topics, I would love to support them in building both their understanding of the material and their confidence in the classroom.

Region Served: 
East Bay, San Francisco
Middle school, High school
Vesta Javaheri
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