Math Tutor, w/ Programming As Needed, Portfolio Building Coach!

Algebra, Calculus, Computer Science, Geometry, Math K-8, Physics, Statistics


My name is Devin Schorger I am Berkeley native, and I attended the California State Maritime Academy for Mechanical Engineering through 2018. I have been tutoring since early 2017 and have developed a real love for it. I have had some of my greatest successes with math minded but distractible students and I am passionate about sharing my own methods for overcoming attention difficulties, but have worked successfully with students of all levels of ability.

I am happy to incorporate programming into our lesson plan, the simplest of this would be using Python command line as a calculator. I haven’t had the opportunity yet, but it would be really fun to do some sort of portfolio building for future STEM students which could include building a website from scratch, writing a small computer game, or a mechatronics project. The benefits of working with a tutor involved in the STEM field are that I can point out the functionalities of what they are learning in a way that makes the material more grounded in practical applications which can be very exciting for students.

I am currently taking a sabbatical from regular work to pursue a medical device grant project with my brother through 2020, as well as a small business with my partner. Many references available as requested!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Devin Schorger

Region Served: 
East Bay
Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Devin Schorger
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