Math, Statistics and Technical Writing Tutor/Coach

Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, Writing

Hello Folks. I look forward to tutoring/coaching students in the areas of Mathematics, Statistics and Technical/Science writing. I have a degree in Applied mathematics from UCBerkeley and considerably enjoy all aspects of tutoring/coaching/teaching of these subject areas. I am currently tutoring Math and Statistics as well as building mathematics workshops for a local community college. I'm also an active writer in the area of healthcare and specifically have recently published a series of articles on Big Data and Healthcare under the titles "Healthcare and the Internet of Things", "Can Big Data Fix Healthcare - Part I" and "Can Big Data Fix Healthcare - the case of Mobile Health and Chronic Disease". Thus, I'd also be pleased to work closely with those interested in technical and scientific writing topics. I'm quite flexible on scheduling and rates are negotiable. Please don't hesitate to contact me at stasmathtutor [at] with questions or requests. Thanks very much

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East Bay
High school
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