Master English Tutor (MA, MEd); Writing Coach, Reading/English Teacher. Oxford UK, Penn State, UMass Amherst

College Admissions Advising, College Essay Coaching, Homework Coaching, Organizational & Study Skills, Humanities, Reading & Comprehension, Writing, ACT Prep, AP Test Prep, GRE Prep, ISEE/HSPT/SSAT, SAT Prep, Other Test Prep, English as a Second Language

I am a certified, professional English editor, tutor, and writing coach with over 20 years of experience helping students read, write, and express themselves. Dual-certified and double masters: MEd and MA. Certified by the state of California with a clear teaching credential. I work with all levels of students.  I offer high- quality writing and literacy coaching for all grade levels, K-12. I specialize in secondary school curriculum, English, Literature, AP Lang, AP Literature and Composition, rhetoric, expository reading and writing, college applications, study skills, resumes, cover letters and other professional writing and editing skills that high school students value. I have taught reading and writing to all levels of students! My Company Name: JustWriteCoaching 🌈 I help students to generate content; structure and organize; edit; format; explore process and personal skill assessment and reflection. We can work on time management, project planning, curriculum, personal goals, common core, vocabulary, reading speed, more. I help all skills and ages of students K-12 in any English class with any goal in reading, writing, literacy, Common Core. All levels, all skills: public, private, “homeschool,” charter, and freelance academic.

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East Bay, Marin, North Bay, San Francisco
Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Ella Maria
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