Learning Help - Pay What You Can

All Subjects K-5, English as a Second Language

Learning help starting NOW until the end of summer. Testimonials below. I have 15+ years of experience helping children learn in various capacities with the use of art, games, sports and individually tailored exercises. This is my passion and I believe wholeheartedly that each child deserves the same opportunity to receive a good education. What: Improvements in reading, writing, spelling, working memory, math and fine motor skills. Ages: 5-10 Cost: PAY WHAT YOU CAN. Money should never be a deterrent from learning. I offer one to one sessions or group sessions for groups of 3-5. linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsay-puddicombe-06978992/ email: kidslearningrainbow [at] gmail.com "Her instincts and abilities with children are second only to her incredibly warm and loving personality. Lindsay brightens a room when she enters it and when she comes into my home my children light up. No person outside of our family has had the impact on my children that Lindsay has had. " "She is truly gifted in her ability to communicate with children. Lindsay has incredible patience when listening to their antidotes and is easily able to draw out further pertinent details when they get excited and forget what they were going to say" MORE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

Region Served: 
East Bay
Preschool, Elementary school
kidslearningrainbow [at] gmail.com