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I'm Robert, Founder of Ignite > Academic, and I offer more than just academic coaching. I see myself as an intellectual mentor, helping students find their fire and authentic curiosity. I started Ignite because, as a gifted ADHD kid, I always loved to learn but hated school about 50% of the time. Since 2017 my boutique, outside-the-box tutoring shop has been a passion project while I navigated the mainstream educational system. Now, I'm doing it full-time! As a real-world practitioner in my fields (journalism, creative writing, and civics), I help students break out of the strictures of classroom box-checking and discover the urgency of these disciplines as they're practiced "in the wild."

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The mind is not a vessel to fill, but a fire to ignite. ~ Plutarch. 

Let's #FindYourFire! 

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