Guitar, Ukulele, and Music Fundamentals Lessons

Bass, Drums & Percussion, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Violin & Viola, Voice, Digital Production, Music Theory & Composition

Greetings! You might know me as “Dave from Octopretzel”, (the fun Bay Area kids music band). I teach private music lessons to all ages, and all levels. I draw on my extensive experience with music of many types, from folk to classical to jazz, pop and singer-songwriter, and focus on the specific goals of each student. Whether it’s music theory and literacy (reading staff notation), playing from the heart (improvisation and ear training), or pickin’ strummin’ and singing, (folk music, fiddle tunes), I enjoy immensely coaching my students, (children and adults), as they thrive with the expansion of their musical lives! 

I look forward to hearing from you, and scheduling your first few lessons!

David (415) 407-7162 mandodave [at]

Region Served: 
East Bay
Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, High school
David Rosenfeld
mandodave [at]
(415) 407-7162