Expert Computer Science Tutoring from an Experienced Software Developer, Grades 3–12

Computer Science

I am a professional programmer with decades of software development and teaching experience. I teach students in grades 3 through 12 by videoconference.


$85 per hour.


I recommend Python, Scala, and JavaScript, but can also teach other languages such as Java, Kotlin, Ruby, C♯, C, and C++.


We do a variety of projects, including:

    3D game development with Unity and C♯
    electronic music with Ruby and Sonic Pi
    games, stories and simulations (video of a dice throw simulation)
        text adventure games, such as this one written in Scala
    animation and art with Processing (video)
    plotting data
    web applications, such as an adventure game or joke or quote server
    web clients, such as fetching current weather from the Internet
    learning about how networking programming works, and learning Internet protocols such as IP, TCP, and HTTP
    microcontroller (Arduino, Circuit Playground Express) and Raspberry Pi projects (a pumpkin-hacking project)

Quality of Instruction

I train my students to write high-quality code, as I write professionally for my clients. I teach them about software engineering principles like DRY.

More info:

Region Served: 
East Bay, Lamorinda, Marin, North Bay, Peninsula, San Francisco, South Bay, 680 Corridor
Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Dave Briccetti
daveb [at]
925 385-8567