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Hello! I hope your search for the right help for your student hasn't been too stressful. To that end, let me tell you some information about my services and teaching style, to help you see if I'd be the right SAT professional for you. I create a custom curriculum around an individual student, based on their starting knowledge and skill. I view all of these things as challenges: not everybody has the same starting point, but everybody can learn, and everyone can improve and get better at their weaknesses, and learn to leverage their strengths. The SAT is a skill like any other, and once you learn the quirks and patterns of the test, it gets much easier.

My students gain significant increases that I can give you references to verify, or you can find my students on Yelp, Google, Instagram, and Facebook. I have had students come to me after a full course of preparation from another tutor, and then find them additional significant score increases, beyond what they were able to achieve with the  previous tutor. My students come from a variety of starting points, some have achieved perfect scores on the math portion of the test, near perfect on the verbal, and students who have gone to attend the most prestigious universities. Good test prep can be a great opportunity to review, learn, and sharpen one's mind.

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