College & Career Counselor accepting High School & Transfer Students

College Admissions Advising

I'm Lisa Spencer, a college and career counselor with a master's in career counseling and 5 years experience, and the owner of Next Phase. I help high school and college transfer students navigate the college admissions process. I offer 8th-10th families a single strategy session and have 3 packages to choose from for high school juniors/seniors and first or second year college transfer students.

Services include:

  • Career Exploration and College Major Selection
  • College List Development based on College Fit Assessment
  • Essay Guidance, Brainstorming, and Editing
  • Application Oversight
  • Timeline Management

I work with students with grades ranging from 2.8 to 4.0+ find and apply to schools where they will thrive. I go beyond the media hype to find schools that meet the needs of the student, rather than trying to make the student fit the school. If your child wants to have opportunities to conduct research, study abroad, take on leadership roles, or get personalized attention from professors, I will help them find colleges that meet their criteria.

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Region Served: 
East Bay, Lamorinda, 680 Corridor
High school
Lisa Spencer, MA
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